During two weeks Tony Parker has been celebrating his birthday. He is already 28. He celebrated his birthday in three cities. But despite all that his wife, Eva Longoria Parker, still did not present a gift for him.

On Saturday before celebrating Tony’s birthday at Las Vegas, Eva Longoria-Parker said that she presented a lot of things for him.  Tony Parker wanted to have a new four-wheeler, and he received it. Eva got a Microsoft surface computer for him, now Tony is able to touch as well as play with it.

But still it is not the end of the gift-giving as one more present is left.

Parker is looking forward to see the surprise. He does not have a birthday present list. He said that it does not matter what his wife will present him as he will be happy and fine with it.

In fact, the birthday of Parker has been celebrating in Los Angeles, Miami as well as Los Vegas. But Saturday was considered to be his big blowout.

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