A Late Food Chain chef pleaded acquitted Mon to charges he employed homeless person to kill his wife, a supposed plot that was thwarted prior to the adult female was shot down.

Juan-Carlos Cruz, forty-eight, was charged in the City of the Angels with one count of tried pre-meditated murder, which deserves a life sentence if condemned – versus Jennifer Campbell. He was as well accused of one count of allurement of murder.

The police of Santa Monica caught Cruz on May thirteen later on he allegedly drew close to 2 men to murder somebody. Court reports discovered the designated victim such as Campbell – Cruz’s senior high school beauty.

Cruz, who kept Calorie Commando for the period of 2004 to 2006, is being arrested at the City of the Angels County Jail on two million dollar bail bond. He’s scheduled to come back to courtroom for a prelude hearing on Midsummer Eve.

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