The 2011 Emmy nominations dominated this week in TV, but we still managed to find more than just snubs to talk about. Here’s what we thought was out of sight and simply not alright over the last seven days…


Kurt Sutter’s anti-Emmys tweets
The Sons of Anarchy creator used the c-word a lot, threatened to cut up members of the Academy with chainsaws and wood chippers, and shamed media outlets who wrote a story about his rant. Go SAMCRO! Do yourself a favor and follow him now. He’s brutally honest and brutally correct.

Who says there won’t be any Mad Men on this summer?
Starting this Sunday, you can get reacquainted with Don Draper three episodes at a time. (Though you may wanna DVR this one—each set of episodes begins at 6am.)

Larry David and tampons
This week’s Curb Your Enthusiasm season premiere saw Mr. Neurotic helping a girl scout in the ways of female hygiene. Bonus points for the girl scout being Justified‘s Kaitlyn Dever (Loretta), one of TV’s best young actresses.

Community‘s Alison Brie and Gillian Jacobs spanking each other in lingerie
When fan fiction becomes reality…

Friday Night Lights‘ wonderful five-season run
Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose—even given the fact that most of the time, our eyes were soaked in tears because of this touching small-town drama. Coach Taylor, we’ll miss YOU most of all!


ABC forcing Tim Allen on captive audiences
In seven different markets, the network is screening Allen’s pilot, Last Man Standing, to audiences who show up at other events, such as an outdoor screening of A League of Their Own in Kansas City. “There’s no crying in baseball,” says the flick, but considering what we’ve seen of Last Man Standing, there will be plenty of crying at that screening.

This bizarre Emmys factoid:
Nominations for Community + Fringe + Sons of Anarchy = 0. Nominations for The Cape, NBC’s superhero show about a man with a magic cape = 1. [Note: Fringe received one Emmy nomination for Interactive Media, but not for the show itself, so we’re not counting it here.]

Roseanne’s reality show
Hey, who wants to see Roseanne Barr driving a tractor in a jungle and yelling about nothing at the various castrated men in her life? Not us! This was hands down the worst half-hour of TV we’ve seen this year, and we saw Love in the Wild!

Sam Malone as the new CSI boss
Congratulations to Ted Danson’s bank account, but we’d rather he just continue his comeback with more shows that we watch.

A fond—and too-early—farewell to Men of a Certain Age
Fans of quality TV are in mourning today, as TNT has canceled the low-rated but oh-so-great show.

What made your list of TV loves and hates this week?

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