Some weeks ago, during Glee‘s Season 3 premiere, Sam Evans was ejected into the dark, Glee-less void with a single line of dialogue. This came after a tumultuous summer of will-Glee-or-won’t-Glee negotiations: Chord Overstreet, the actor who played Sam, was rumored to have been passed over for series regular status. Hurt and confused, Overstreet allegedly chose to leave the hit Fox series to “work on his music.” And the fans were not pleased! They said so, on various internet blogspots! Entire Trapper Keeper covers were transformed into inky shrines, dedicated to Sam’s memory.

But then, a miracle happened. Today, at dawn’s break, the disfigured social outcast known as the Hollywood Hunchback scampered up the ivy-strewn walls of his tower and yanked the famed Casting Alert bells with all of his might. “GONG, GONNNNNG,” the bells rang out, and there was surely much back-slapping and handshaking among the denizens of Tinsel Town, for it was now *confirmed* that the very actor who was once on Glee but then who wasn’t on Glee anymore would now be on Glee again (as was initially reported last week).

A decree was issued forth, and it read:

Multi-Episode Arc Begins this December

Chord Overstreet will return to GLEE’s McKinley High as underdog SAM EVANS for a multi-episode arc beginning this December on FOX.

“We love Chord and have always said that we wanted him back,” said Ryan Murphy, executive producer and co-creator of GLEE. “So here’s an early Christmas present for all the Gleeks—Sam is coming back to McKinley, and just in time for sectionals!”

“I had the best time on GLEE and couldn’t be more excited to be returning,” Overstreet added.

So, Sam’s back, everyone. And we have questions:

1) Did “Sam’s return to Glee” appear anywhere on your Christmas Wish List? (Even as a third-string alternate, between “Crest toothpaste” and “library card renewal?”)

2) Do you think Sam could bring back some of the sparkle that’s said to be missing from Glee’s third season?

3) Do you think Chord harbors any resentment toward being made the butt of countless “Trouty Mouth” jokes in Season 2?

4) Have you ever fantasized about having your own, falsely-enthusiastic-sounding quote appear in a meaningless press release? If so, what would it be? Here’s mine: “I have always loved taking my dog COOKIE out for walks. So congratulations, everyone! Hanukkah is here early! COOKIE is going to make a POOP on her WALK.”

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