Despite his shameless plug during the Golden Globes nominations, Woody Harrleson has had a very complicated relationship with his upcoming gritty cop film, ‘Rampart.’

The film imagines the star as a loose-cannon cop whose brut tactics and thinly-veiled racism land him in some seriously hot water. (No kidding!)

Upon Harrleson’s first viewing of the film he “didn’t like it for a number of reasons,” he explained to The Hollywood Reporter. After he saw the first cut, which deleted many “big scenes,” Harrleson fell into a deep depression. “[It] was probably one of the worst periods in my professional life — the depression over it. I was so depressed over it and didn’t know how to deal with it. I felt the editor had swayed Oren [Moverman, the director],” he said.

‘Rampart’ is the second film that Moverman and Harrleson collaborated on (the first being 2009’s ‘The Messenger’), but it was upholding their close friendship that was of paramount importance to the star. Harrleson recalled telling his director, “I promise you, dude, nothing will destroy our friendship. Our friendship means more to me than any movie or any project. I fricking love you and that will never change.” (All together: Aww!)

When the film was starting to get critical praise and was accepted into Toronto International Film Festival, Harrleson still felt torn: “I don’t know how I’m going to go and support a movie I don’t believe in.” Moverman urged him to see the movie one more time. (Sidenote: expect a Harrleson brainchild titled ‘Bullet For Adolf’ to hit the stage sometime in the future.)

Long story short: Harrleson watched the new version and he loved it. Yay! Then actor and director made up, too. ” We hugged and cried and were just so happy to be on the same page.”

‘Rampart’: A true love story?

The film hits theaters January 27.

[via THR]

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