10 Spoilers: ‘Supernatural’ heartache, Juliet’s

mary-louise-parker-jensen-ackles-tristan-wilds.jpgSince Mondays are just the worst, we here at Zap2it
have decided to give your week a much-needed wake-up call with 10 TV
teasers — just to remind you that when the work day is over, your DVR
waits to welcome you home.

This week, our Monday Kickstart includes scoop on a new “Gossip Girl” recurring character, Nancy’s fate on “Weeds,” a “Closer” nemesis returning and more.

“Supernatural”: It’s almost time for the Winchesters to get back to work! Jensen Ackles has already begun his prep to direct the third episode of the season, which is the first episode they’ll shoot this year. It’s tentatively titled “Heartache” — as if Sam and Dean haven’t had enough of that! We’ve already spilled the beans about Sam’s love interest and the stripper. Also in this episode, we’ll meet a sweet 70-year-old lady with a very questionable past who helps out on a case.

“Gossip Girl”: Though details of the final season are being kept under lock and key, we do know that producers are currently casting the recurring role of Amira, a Middle-Eastern or East Indian woman in New York on business from Dubai. She’s not a love interest, so what’s going to keep her in NYC?

“Weeds”: The show makes a time-jump between the first and second episodes, so Nancy is no longer in a coma when we pick up in episode 2. As she does her recovery in the hospital, she has to strong-arm a pot-lollipop-selling clown into being nicer to the terminally ill patients he’s gouging for money.

“Suits”: In an upcoming episode, Harvey and Mike will take on a new client — the loudmouthed host of a “SportsCenter”-like show who finds himself in some hot water when he accuses a star outfielder of taking steroids but refuses to reveal his sources.

“Psych”: Juliet is getting a new roommate! Shawn has a bad feeling about Laura, which doesn’t seem fair, because she’s a relatively upbeat, positive person, and pretty much everyone likes her. That is, until she takes a creepy “Single White Female” turn and begins to morph into Juliet.

“90210”: Dixon’s terrifying car accident leaves multiple bodies at the
scene, and while we do know that Tristan Wilds is returning to the show,
Dixon will have some very serious injuries to recover from. Meanwhile,
two of our favorites find themselves hitchhiking through the desert.
Luckily, someone picks them up and gives them a ride. Not-so-luckily …
he stops to rob a few gas stations on the way.

“Blue Bloods”: We’ll meet Jamie’s new partner early in the season. His name is Ricky Cruz, and he’s quite the ladies man, with leading man looks and the charm to match. Problem is, he’s not one to think about the consequences if his actions until they’re knocking down his door.

“Criminal Minds”: In the first episode of Season 8 we’ll meet James, played by deaf actor Troy Kotsur. As the team investigates, we’ll probe into his past and see him as a young child and as a teenager, and how his mother’s anger shaped the man he is today.

“The Closer”: You’re going to see several familiar faces in the show’s final six episodes, including the one who got away from Brenda: Philip Stroh (“Twilight’s” Billy Burke). Stroh returns in the July 9 premiere, and Kyra Sedgwick tells us he’ll pop up again before the show signs off for good in August.

“The L.A. Complex”: Season 2 premieres July 17, and fans should expect
things to get even racier in this next chapter — even Manny Santos
would be scandalized by some of Abby’s storylines. Boys and girls,
there’s going to be a threesome.

Photo/Video credit: Showtime, The CW

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