2011 National Dog Show: Eire the Wire Fox Terrier is Best in Show

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We have your results for the 2011 National Dog Show, the 10th anniversary of the event.

The first group featured is the Hound group, which had the Whippet pulled out as Best in Breed. The next group was the Working group, which features (among others) the Obama family dog, the Portuguese water dog. But the one that was brought out as Best in Breed was the Bernese Mountain Dog, which originated in Switzerland.

The Toy Group was third. Our personal favorite is the Pekingnese because it’s so funny when it runs. But the Best in Show contender pick was the Affenpinscher, which is also a cute dog. So we’ll allow it.

The fourth group was the Sporting Group, out of which was pulled the English Springer Spaniel as Best in Breed. We liked the Golden Retriever, but the Springer Spaniel was pretty adorable.

The Herding Group offered the Australian Shepherd as the Best in Breed and the sixth group, the Non-Sporting Group, had the Dalmatian Best in Breed.

The final group was the Terrier Group, which had Eire the Wire Fox Terrier as Best in Breed and also as Best in Show. Eire went on to win the top prize. He’s the top dog, if you will.

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images

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