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2014 Movies: The 44 Most Anticipated Blockbusters, Comedies, Dramas, & More

2014 Movie PreviewMarvel

2013 was, by almost everyone’s account, a pretty stellar year for movies, which it didn’t necessary look like it was going to be from the outset, what with the high number of sequels, spin-offs, and “shared universe” titles on the calendar. (You can read our own recap of our 50 favorites here.)

We only mention that because, while 2014 looks similar in the sense that it is overstuffed with titles followed by either a number or a subtitle, that this year could be just as full of surprises, along with all the Transformers, Muppets, and superheroes we’ve come to know and love. So use this list as a roadmap, not a crystal ball.

As always there are plenty of movies that haven’t been scheduled or detailed as of yet; between Sundance and SXSW, the next few months will also reveal a whole heaping of independent features vying for the coveted Next Big Thing title. So, even though we’ve listed a whole bunch of potential hits here, there are just as many unscheduled and unknowable movies out there, ready to take 2014 by storm.

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