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8 Tough Guys Babysitting Kids in Movies, From ‘Kindergarten

Tough Guys Babysitting Kids(1)


From Arnold Schwarzenegger to Dwayne Johnson, motion stars who’ve wished to take a break from intense motion motion pictures have often turned to family-friendly comedies, which permits them to succeed in a extra mainstream viewers. But starring with a toddler co-star a 3rd your age and measurement means you will need to put on a tutu or dance like a doofus and possibly fall in one thing slimy. Wrestler-turned-action-star John Cena is the most recent to make this pivot with “Playing With Fire,” opening this weekend. Here are another examples of this style of robust guys babysitting children.

Universal Pictures

“Kindergarten Cop” (1990) – Arnold Schwarzenegger “Kindergarten Cop” wasn’t the primary (or the final) goofy comedy Arnold Schwarzenegger would make, however on this one, he berates at a classroom stuffed with toddlers, performs with a ferret and teaches children the fundamentals about human anatomy. His line studying of “It’s not a tumor!” is an underrated contender for one among his most memorable film quotes. Schwarzenegger would additionally quickly after this star within the manic vacation comedy “Jingle All the Way.”

New Line Cinema

“Mr. Nanny” (1993) – Hulk Hogan Hulk Hogan’s performing profession did not precisely take off, however 1993’s “Mr. Nanny” would begin a string of movie and TV appearances that the wrestling legend did alongside different WWF specials all through the ’90s. This movie combines some “Home Alone” shenanigans as Hogan takes care of children as they repeatedly booby lure the home with tripwires or magnets in an try and get him to go away, even almost electrocuting him with one prank.

Universal Pictures

“Cop and a Half”  (1993) – Burt Reynolds The Henry Winkler-directed movie starred Burt Reynolds in a buddy comedy the place the star is definitely an 8-year-old boy performed by Norman D. Golden II. He desires to be taught to be a cop and cuts a deal to go on a ride-along after he is a witness to against the law. Reynolds drives him round as he helps to foil unhealthy guys by kicking them within the groin or throwing soccer balls and Twinkies.

Walt Disney Pictures

“The Pacifier” (2005) – Vin Diesel Coming off the field workplace bomb “The Chronicles of Riddick” after leaving the “Fast & Furious” franchise, Vin Diesel then turned to the Disney film “The Pacifier,” the place he bought caught altering poopy diapers and driving a minivan. Instead of strapping on ammo and weapons, there is a scene of him gearing up with juice bins and two little one carriers on his back and front.

The Game Plan Dwayne Johnson

Walt Disney Pictures

“The Game Plan” (2007) – The Rock In “The Game Plan,” Dwayne Johnson performs a soccer MVP who learns he has a younger daughter (Madison Pettis) who rapidly dominates his life, dressing his bulldog in a tutu and bedazzling his Super Bowl recreation ball. In one scene, Johnson has to movie a industrial with a high-pitched lisp after he is allergic to the cinnamon in his daughter’s cookies. If you suppose he seems to be foolish right here, The Rock would don a pair of wings and hockey pads to star in “Tooth Fairy” three years later.


“The Spy Next Door” (2010) – Jackie Chan Jackie Chan was in his 50s when he made “The Spy Next Door,” so his days of operating up partitions had been over and changed with utilizing kid-friendly spy devices to prepare dinner breakfast, take out the trash or assist just a little woman get into her pajamas. He even assaults Russian…

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