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Aida’s ‘Agents of SHIELD’ origin seems to be taking an evil turn

From the second an autonomous robot — otherwise known as an LMD — cropped up on “Agents of SHIELD,” we’ve been waiting for her to murder her human overlords and launch a violent and bloody vendetta against humankind. It’s just what sentient robots do.

However, despite her rough treatment of May (Ming Na Wen) and wrong-place/wrong-time murder of an agent of SHIELD, Aida (Mallory Jansen) has been remarkably well behaved. She truly is controlled by Radcliffe (John Hannah), in the sense that she doesn’t typically act against him or his wishes.

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Now, we think that’s all about to change.

With the introduction of Agnes, the human woman Aida’s features were based on, we’ve noticed a bizarre and worrying change in Aida. From the moment she learned she was based on a real person, Aida seemed confused and even a little upset. It’s strange to think a robot could be upset about anything — but Aida has been, slowly but surely, evolving. She might just be simulating emotions based on what she perceives they should be at any given time, but that’s still close enough to inform her behavior.

And her latest “emotion” was written plainly on her face: She didn’t like being a copy. She wanted to be unique.

We also saw a moment of confusion from her when she first saw the happy, couple-y photo of Radcliffe and Agnes. The bright smile on Agnes face — also Aida’s face — is something we have yet to see from her robotic counterpart. That open display of joy and romance made Aida confused at best, envious at worst.

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Luckily, Agnes died of mostly natural causes (brain tumors are the worst), which means we don’t have to worry about Aida offing her. The last moment of Tuesday’s (Feb. 7) episode has us a bit worried, though: The simple act of Aida taking Agnes’s necklace off her dead body and fastening it around her own neck speaks volumes about where he plot is likely heading.

Aida doesn’t seem content to be a robotic sidekick anymore. She more than likely wants to be human — or whatever the LMD equivalent is. And if Radcliffe tries to get in the way of that, we might start to see the first signs of rebellion from Aida, which is never a good sign.

The fact that she’s going through these changes having read the Darkhold (and having it nearby at the same time) does not bode well for SHIELD — or frankly, any of the humans on earth. If Radcliffe ever loses control of Aida, we’re going to be in for a pretty terrifying robot apocalypse.

“Agents of SHIELD” airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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