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All 58 Marvel Movies Ranked, From Worst to Best

This article used to say one thing like “it’s always a good time to rank all the Marvel movie!” And, effectively, it is an additional good time proper now since there’s nothing a lot to do throughout the coronavirus lockdowns. So let’s do an enormous ole ranked listing, of each theatrical Marvel flick

58. “Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer”
Just a nightmare. A complete nightmare. There have been a quantity of unhealthy superhero films, however from the speaking fuel cloud the filmmakers forged as Galactus to Jessica Alba’s dye job, this one transcends unhealthy.

57. “X-Men Origins: Wolverine”
A completely chaotic stir fry of nonsense that tells the story of how Wolverine bought his claws. Features an early model of Deadpool (additionally performed by Ryan Reynolds) whose mouth is stapled shut, which ought to inform you all it is advisable to learn about it.

56. “Elektra”
That 5 minutes once they tried to show Jennifer Garner into an motion star went about in addition to it ought to have.

55. “X-Men: The Last Stand”
Just a complete mess, incoherent from the phrase “go.” After shedding director of the primary two X-Men movies Brian Singer to the primary Superman reboot try, alternative Matthew Vaughn gave option to eventual director Brett Ratner, who might need killed off the superhero style completely had been “Spider-Man” not blowing up the field workplace.

54. “Fantastic Four” (2015)
There might possibly have been an excellent film in right here someplace — the forged (Michael B Jordan, Miles Teller, Kate Mara) actually warranted one. But this Frankenstein of a movie is a behind-the-scenes horror story, and you’ll see it in the completely disjointed closing product.

53. “Daredevil”
This was mainly “Early-2000s: The Movie,” with Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner, Colin Farrell and Michael Clark Duncan as the principle gamers. The cherry on high of this turd sundae was that rattling Evanescence music.

52. “Fantastic Four” (2005)
Tim Story’s first “Fantastic Four” is simply type of there, difficult you to recollect it exists. With Chris Evans, who performed the Human Torch right here, happening to embody Captain America within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, that will get more durable yearly.

51. “The Punisher” (2004)
This is the Punisher as a straight revenge thriller, and it isn’t unhealthy. Thomas Jane performs admirably, however the entire thing is lacking that further one thing that may have elevated it past customary style fare. Setting it in Tampa did not assist.

50. “Spider-Man 3”
Maybe the unhealthy outweighs the nice right here, however Emo Peter Parker’s dance quantity stays one of many best single moments in any comedian guide film, sorry, haters.

49. “Howard the Duck”
A infamous flop on the field workplace and, yeah, it isn’t precisely “good.” But now, 30 years faraway from its premiere, “Howard the Duck” is fairly enjoyable as a relic of the ’80s.

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