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‘All Stars 2’ reunion Top 4 OMG moments: From RuPaul’s tea on Phi Phi to

“Let me say,”RuPaul begins: “You’re not given a redemption. It’s something that you earn. I just want to clear that up, for people who don’t know how that works…”

The Emmy Award-winning host wastes no time getting into the realness of what needed discussing during the Oct. 27 reunion of “All Stars 2.” Every queen — minus the controversial Phi Phi O’Hara — returned to the “RuPaul’s Drag Race” stage to tape this special, and the tea was served piping hot.

With the new rules and twists, a number of “herstorical” moments, and the Rolaskatox conspiracy/alliance, there was a lot to discuss. So leave the parasol at home — because this reunion has more than enough shade to go around.

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Screener got to speak with Detox afterward — and the Top 3 finalist says returning to tape the reunion episode a year after filming ended “was kind of a relief, honestly. Like finally, it’s over.”

And while Detox says, “I wouldn’t change a thing,” and has “absolutely no regrets” from this past season, she was singing a different kind of tune during the reunion. RuPaul asked all the questions audiences have been dying to get answered since the finale aired, and we’ve compiled the most essential OMG moments we all got served.

1. Adore Delano looks better than ever

She must’ve been struggling through something rough during filming, because Adore Delano sat on that reunion stage looking more beautiful than ever. And it’s not due to a spectacularly exquisite get-up, like Alaska showed up in, or any crazy make-up, like the half-burnt face Katya was rocking: Adore looked beautifully at peace with herself, confident and happy.

Adore also readily admits to feeling embarrassed about quitting the show: “Seriously? Who does that?”

But RuPaul isn’t the type to shun one of her girls for a brief lapse in judgement. (Unless you are Phi Phi O’Hara, and the lapse lasts for months and months, and eventually Mama Ru has to unfollow you on Twitter.)

If there’s an “All Stars 3,” and cross those fingers, we seriously hope an invitation will be flying Adore’s way.

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2. RuPaul sips tea on Phi Phi

After everything that’s gone down, many of the contestants remain close friends with Phi Phi. Even Alyssa Edwards keeps an open mind about the queen who refused to even hug after being voted off. Detox told us she didn’t give much thought to Phi Phi’s stand-off with the series.

“That’s what she felt she needed to do, and I support that,” Detox says. “I don’t think I would have necessarily handled it that way, but I don’t knock her for doing it.”

RuPaul, however, has made his opinion clear as day on the ex-contestant who’s been incessantly spewing shade on “Drag Race.”

phi phi ohara All Stars 2 reunion Top 4 OMG moments: From RuPauls tea on Phi Phi to Adores triumphant return

RuPaul looks straight into the camera and says to Phi Phi, “In case any of you questions my qualifications, I have one thing to say. Talk to her,” while proudly lifting up her well-earned Emmy trophy.

“One queen decided not to join us,” Ru goes on to say, “or as Tatianna would say, ‘Choices.’

choices All Stars 2 reunion Top 4 OMG moments: From RuPauls tea on Phi Phi to Adores triumphant return

While explaining the rules of keeping things real during the reunion discussion, Ru finishes her opening statement by giving another pointed piece of advice: “If one of you were to say, ‘I blame the edit,’ I’d say, ‘Bull*hit.’”

That’s how the shade gets made, my friends.

3. Coco and Detox hooked up

Other than the awesomeness of Adore openly admitting she absolutely loves hooking up with all her fans, Detox let it slip he’s been “inside” Coco Montrese. So uh, cheers to that beautiful nugget of tea!

3. Alaska is a ‘Real Housewives’ fan

aviva throws leg gif All Stars 2 reunion Top 4 OMG moments: From RuPauls tea on Phi Phi to Adores triumphant return

Hilariously recreating the moment Aviva Drescher threw her prosthetic leg during a charity dinner in an unforgettable episode of “The Real Housewives of New York City,” Alaska threw out a fake leg to mirror Aviva’s idea that it somehow was the only thing fake thing about her.

This season’s champion also looked stunning. She easily had the best reunion look out of everyone, serving as a reminder to everyone that even though the journey was rocky, in the end, the right queen was chosen for RuPaul’s Drag Race Hall of Fame.

4. Alyssa Edwards is the true star

alyssa edwards gif All Stars 2 reunion Top 4 OMG moments: From RuPauls tea on Phi Phi to Adores triumphant return

But for us, it was Alyssa Edwards that ultimately stole the show. Showing up in a loud outfit as questionably fashionable as her now-infamous camera dress, through her sly humor and those large gorgeous eyes, she demanded most of the screen time during the hour.

Even if she didn’t win the crown, Alyssa is a true “All Star,” and Logo should think about giving her a spin-off special.

Casting for “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” Season 9, was already underway this spring — check Screener for the latest news on when the show is likely to return.

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