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Amblin Wants To Pull On All Your Heart Strings With 'Dan and Sam'

Amblin movies have always been about heart. The Goonies, E.T., Back to the Future, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, *batteries not included, The Land Before Time— it doesn’t matter what genre, it doesn’t matter how unreal or how fantastical a film’s premise, an Amblin movie always finds an emotional core to anchor everything. 

That said, few Amblin movies have threatened to tug so directly on your heart strings as Dan and Sam. Steven Spielberg’s studio has just snapped up the rights to the graphic novel, which is a love story about a couple whose life is going perfectly until Sam’s surprise death. Apparently their love is so powerful, however, that it defies the afterlife, with Dan discovering that Sam can still visit him. 

There’s a catch, though. Dan and Sam can only reunite one night per year, and they can only do it until he falls in love again.

It sounds a bit like a gender-swapped Ghost, which is okay with us considering that movie still gets us every time. We could all use a little more love in the world these days, even if it does come in the form of a story that will inevitably have at least one major moment of heartbreak. 

As of right now there’s no director attached to Dan and Sam, but actress Ana Nogueira will be adapting Mark Watson and Oliver Harud’s graphic novel for the big screen.

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