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‘American Horror Story’ season finale: Will Ben heed Constance’s warning? — VIDEO

The season finale of American Horror Story is upon us and if these clips are any indication, we’re in for a pretty cool hour. Hello, understatement.

In the preview clips from tomorrow’s episode, we see Constance dolling out one final warning to Ben, who comes to retrieve his newborn from his neighbor. And in the second clip, ghost Vivian and Violet encourage Ben (in a pretty sappy scene) to take the baby and leave the house.

My only hope for the finale? They keep the “horror” in Horror Story and pull out some final terrifying moves. Last week’s birthing sequence was pretty terrifying, but the brain-eating remains the gross-out moment to beat. Can they do it, PopWatchers? Also, with so many people telling him to get the hell out of there, will Ben listen? Voice predictions below!

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