‘America’s Got Talent’ finals: Silhouettes or Team iLuminate,

The big moment has arrived – the Final 4 take the “America’s Got Talent” stage to perform one last time. Do you guys think Landau or POPLYFE stand a chance against Silhouettes and Team iLuminate? I’m not sure they do.

There is of course a whole lot o’filler before the actual show starts, but finally we kick things off.

1. Landau Eugene Murphy Jr.

He slows it down this week with “My Way,” which is a great song to hold until the finals for him. Looking dapper in a white suit with a sparkly background, he’s just so Vegas. So Vegas. I don’t think he should win necessarily just because he’s not the most original act ever, but he could totally perform at a smaller casino in Vegas. The build to the ending is wonderful, it gives me goosebumps – the emotion is palpable. Very, very good job. Like me, Piers loves that he saved that song for the end and also like me, Sharon has goosebumps.

2. Team iLuminate

Their finals act is love-themed, with big red hearts on the people. After the opening, it goes kinda crazy in time to the music, which is great. Things lighting up everywhere and then this crazy bird’s eye view of the dancing. And some break dancing that makes it look like there are 25 people on stage. It’s awesome. It’s very hard to describe how awesome it was, but it just was. Fantastic. I really think this act is best-suited to be the winner and perform nightly in Vegas.

Terry Fator break. He’s very talented, that “Ain’t No Sunshine” was fantastic.


When they say they’re doing Queen, I get so excited. Then it turns out to be “We Will Rock You.” Oof. This song is so overplayed and it makes me feel like I’m at an NBA halftime show. I think this girl’s vocals could’ve handled a truncated “Bohemian Rhapsody” or “Crazy Little Thing Called Love.” This song doesn’t let her show off anything. If Landau killed his vocal performance, I think POPLYFE blew it a little bit. This song is repetitive and boring. And then predictably it goes into “We Are the Champions,” which lets her show off her vocals a little more, but still – cliched. And at the end, the sound goes totally wrong and starts letting some backup singer infiltrate the lead vocal. Yikes. That was a hot mess. Sorry POPLYFE, but you are not the champions.

Due to some technical difficulties with the show, we have to watch some audition clips. The one of Nick Cannon dancing with the “Flashdance” guy is seriously like the best thing ever. I feel like Nick Cannon would be really fun to hang out with, ya know? The one of Piers sword-fighting is also great ’cause he’s actually got some skills.

Five minutes later – wow, they better hurry up. OK, finally.

4. Silhouettes

Their call for the finals is “What a Wonderful World” again and a dream sequence where a little girl goes on a balloon ride around the world. It’s pretty sweet. There are polar bears and dolphins and Chinese temples and a leaning-tower-of-Pisa version of the Eiffel Tower, heh. And then they spell out “love” and I can’t even help it, why am I crying? Oh my god, I’m such a sap. Seriously, that was great.

I still think team iLuminate should win. How do you perform nightly in Vegas with those little kids? But that does not mean Silhouettes and Landau aren’t awesome too.

Photo/Video credit: NBC

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