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‘Bachelor in Paradise’ conspiracy theory: Jared & Ashely I.’s master plan leaves…

Wells Adams 'Bachelor in Paradise'

It is said, “All is fair in love and war,” and nowhere does that statement ring truer than on a dating competition show — and no one understands this more than Wells Adams.

The fan-favorite from JoJo Fletcher’s cycle of “The Bachelorette” is finally making his long-awaited entrance on “Bachelor in Paradise” on Tuesday (Aug. 23), and the radio DJ will cause more than a few of the women’s hearts to flutter. Warning: Light spoilers ahead.

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The man that’s been dubbed “the guy a normal girl would actually date” and “the guy who actually has a personality” is going to capture Ashley I.’s attention the moment he steps on the beach.

Wells Adams & Ashley I. 'Bachelor in Paradise'

Why is this woman pining over Jared? More on that below, but Ashley I. clings onto Wells as a much needed distraction. According to Reality Steve, Wells uses his first date card on Ashley and things quickly heat up between the two.

Well, at first.

A curve ball is thrown in Week 5 when Jami Letain and Shushanna Mkrtychyan from Ben Higgins’ “Bachelor” cycle join “Paradise,” and both make a hard play for Wells. But Wells has already drank the Ashley I. Kool-Aid. Ashley plays it off well, too. Saying, “everything turned around,” the moment she met Wells. “When I look at his eyes, I feel more chemistry than I ever did with Jared,” she gushes in Tuesday’s episode.

Wells Adams GIF

Wells picking Ashley means the two will be eligible for a Honeymoon Suite date. And this will be a make-or-break situation for the 31-year-old from Nashville and Ashley I. If the rumors are true – this is where their relationship ends.

One of them is reportedly going to decline the overnight date, and if we had to guess, it’s going to be Ashley I. Not because she’s a virgin, but because Jared is no longer in “Paradise.” Her ultimate game plan of pretending to be into Wells and making Jared jealous now null and void.

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As reported by Inquisitor,  both Caila and Jared decide to go home because they can’t deal with the all the drama. (They do know they signed up for the No.1 summer reality TV show, right?)  The obnoxiously indecisive Caila, who can’t seem to choose between Jared and Brett, calls it quits. Jared, heartbroken over Caila, and possibly needing a restraining order against Ashley I., follows suit and also chooses to leave “Paradise” on his own accord.

Here’s where things get shady. After filming ended, pictures on social media reveal that Ashley I. and Jared went on vacation together in St. Lucia with her sister, Lauren,  and the king and queen of “Paradise,” Jade and Tanner Tolbert.

Uhm, what? Hold the phone. Even though Jared has gone on the record to say they remain “great friends,” what friends go on a tropical getaway with their family and another couple? Maybe it was all left on the cutting room floor, but this makes us believe that Jared had been quietly egging Ashely I.’s feelings on the entire time in “Paradise.”

Perhaps Ashley I. isn’t as much like Kathy Bates’ character in “Misery” as we once thought. Maybe Jared really digs how obsessive she is with him. And maybe her using Wells to make him jealous actually worked.

Even though Ashely I. captions this recent photo with “#actuallyoverit” — nobody’s buying what she’s selling. But Ashley I. is trying to keep the charade going. To keep viewers guessing, she posted this photo of herself visiting Nashville, the city where our dear sweet Wells lives.

We hate to say it, but Wells is a mere pawn in Ashley I.’s game. Sure, her being in Nashville makes it seem like she’s making a hometown trip to visit Wells, but that doesn’t quite hold a candle to going on romantic getaway with Jared, no matter what hashtags she uses in her captions.

It’s awful that Jared keeps stringing her along. And it sucks that the most genuine guy Bachelor Nation has seen in a long while appears to be getting played — and is somehow still single. “All is fair in love and war” … ? For Wells, not so much.

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