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‘Bachelor’ stars Josh Murray, Robby Hayes & Chris Soules get very real about ‘Pa…

So far we only know two confirmed cast members for what’s become the most popular reality series of the summer, “Bachelor in Paradise.”

Nick Viall’s runner up, Raven Gates, will definitely be there looking for the love — and so will meat-eating villain Chad Johnson, from JoJo’s “Bachelorette” season. While everyone’s casting wishlist differs, after speaking with a few former “Bachelor” stars, Screener has a few more insider clues as to whether or not a few other familiar faces will be signing on…

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It’s safe to say Josh Murray will not be there.

During “The Bachelor” finale viewing party at Hollywood Park Casino, he told us, “I am not thinking about anything ‘Bachelor’ related. I’m just trying to move on with my life. The last time I was on the show, it left a bit of sour taste in my mouth, but that’s okay. There’s so much more than that kind of world.”

…And of course, he’s still trying to make things work with on-again/off-again fiancée from last season of “Paradise,” Amanda Stanton.

josh murray gif Bachelor stars Josh Murray, Robby Hayes & Chris Soules get very real about Paradise Season 4

“It’s complicated,” he says — and while he can’t say for certain whether he and Amanda will ever make it down the aisle, Josh’s brother was just picked up by the L.A. Rams, meaning Josh will be on the West coast quite often — and thus able to spend more time with Amanda and her adorable two daughters in San Diego.

Former “Bachelor” star Chris Soules, long separated from fiancée Whitney Bischoff, is single and ready to mingle — but visibly torn as to whether he’d ever go to “Paradise.”

No is a strong word — but it’s highly unlikely. Honestly, it looks like a lot of fun. But the reason I didn’t do it last time was because when I went into ‘The Bachelor,’ I went to find a wife. I don’t want go into something like that disingenuously. Personally, if I’m not doing what I’m genuinely passionate about… You can catch yourself doing dumb things, and I’d rather not do dumb things.”

Dumb things like competing on “Dancing with the Stars”? Because we didn’t think that was dumb at all — and neither did America! He finished in 5th place.

chris soules dwts gif Bachelor stars Josh Murray, Robby Hayes & Chris Soules get very real about Paradise Season 4

Chris means more things like… Getting so drunk on night one in “Paradise” that you crap your pants. (Hi, Chad!). But the 35-year-old admits his mind could be swayed.

“If there was a girl that I discovered, that I really wanted to be there, that could help. I wish I knew. They don’t tell you!”

When asked whom in particular he’d hope to see, Chris says, “They’re all pretty, but you don’t know enough about them. Raven is cute and fun and an outdoorsy girl. But honestly, I don’t know anything about her.” Visibly still weighing the pros and cons, he continued, “It would be like flipping a coin, right this moment,” he says. “And I have time to think.”

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So if not on reality TV, where’s Chris meeting girls? “She could walk into this casino right now!” Chris laughed — but the Iowa farmer isn’t into online dating. Or is he?

“I’ve done that. I did that before ‘Bachelor.’ And I’ve had the opportunity to travel and meet people, and meet people who aren’t from Arlington — and who don’t do apps, either.” But Chris isn’t 100 percent about this, either: “…Maybe in a month or two I’ll be on Tinder, who knows.”

Robby Hayes, the runner-up in JoJo’s “Bachelorette” season, still looks like a Ken doll: Hair still perfectly coiffed, body cut like a Greek statue… He looks like he’s been training to be on “Paradise” all year. If the camera flashes weren’t reflecting light off his pearly white, blinding our eyes, we would’ve reached out to see if he’s actually made of plastic. (Just kidding, that’s creepy, moving on.)

robby hayes gif Bachelor stars Josh Murray, Robby Hayes & Chris Soules get very real about Paradise Season 4

Robby’s not currently dating anyone, but he says if “something great” fell in his lap, he wouldn’t turn away.

Currently living in Denver with fellow “Bachelor” runner-up Chad McNary, Robby spoke extensively about his latest modeling shoots and travel schedule. When asked if he’s over JoJo, he was resigned: “I want to see her happy… And if that’s with Jordan, fine. So be it. I’ve seen them since, we hosted the red carpet at the I Heart Radio Fest together in Vegas. It’s fun to catch up. Conversations are surface level — if you dig too deep, it gets awkward…”

When it comes to “Paradise,” the Wilhelmina model told us, “It’s a bridge I’d have to cross. If there’s one thing I could say — it’s not my decision. I’d have to sit down with my family. While I’m out in Argentina, Uruguay, Bangkok, Thailand, my family is back at home dealing with the headlines in magazines and newspapers, and I can’t contact them and talk about it. If I need girl advice, I contact my mom or sister — and I could’t do that.”

Robby remains iffy on “Paradise” — but if invited to be the next “Bachelor,” he’s all about it.

“For the sole reason that it works,” he says. “I fell in love, and it taught me not to rule out any avenue.”

Like Chase? (Again, kidding! But not really! That would be amazing!)

“Bachelor in Paradise” Season 4 will premiere in Summer 2017 on ABC.

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