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‘BB: OTT’ week 5 power rankings: It’s Danielle vs. the Plastics

Another week in the “Big Brother: Over the Top” house, another divisive Head of Household. Read on for who’s sitting pretty this week and who’s in danger, but be warned of spoilers if you haven’t caught up on the HOH comp and over night feeds.

First off, we can’t remember the last time we saw the house and fans this divided on “Big Brother.” This is some “BB6”-level division right here, between the Misfits and the Plastics. Maybe America is always this divided and we just don’t see it as much because America doesn’t have as much power as they do with “BBOTT,” but it’s kind of crazy.

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The Misfits have won the power for the second week in a row, but America seems to be leaning toward the Plastics with nearly every vote. So America’s nominee and the Care Package could throw huge wrenches in the HOH’s plans. It’ll be interesting to watch it play out.

1. Justin, held steady

big brother over the top justin hair flip BB: OTT week 5 power rankings: Its Danielle vs. the Plastics

No, Justin is not HOH. But he is in such a good position in the house. He’s “aligned” with the Misfits, but he’s not one of the core group and the Plastics are constantly trying to get him to flip. It makes him very valuable in the house (for now). He is definitely not in any danger this week.

2. Jason, up 6 spots

jason BB: OTT week 5 power rankings: Its Danielle vs. the Plastics

Like Justin, Jason is not going to be nominated this week, nor is he as hated by the other side of the house as other people in his alliance are. Furthermore, the Misfits supporters are talking heavily about giving him America’s Care Package this week, which lets him eliminate three eviction votes. That’s a big power — it essentially lets you pick who is going home. The only problem that plan may run into is there is a contingent who thinks Danielle should get ACP and if the votes are split, a Plastic will end up getting it. If that happens, another Misfit could be going home.

3. Danielle, up 7 spots

Danielle is the new HOH, so she has nothing to worry about this week. But the Plastics side of the house still hates her and she’s going to be in some trouble down the road if her alliance can’t evict one of the Plastics this week.

4. Kryssie, held steady

Kryssie is a Misfit and therefore safe this week, but like Danielle, she could be in danger after this week if a Plastic wins the next HOH.

5. Scott, down 3 spots

scott BB: OTT week 5 power rankings: Its Danielle vs. the Plastics

Scott is only safe this week because he’s not Danielle’s target. She wants one of the girls gone in the worst way (and who can blame her?), so her plan is to nominate two of them and possibly backdoor a third after Power of Veto.

6. Shelby, up 1 spot

shelby BB: OTT week 5 power rankings: Its Danielle vs. the Plastics

Like Scott, Shelby’s not the target this week. Now, both of them better watch out if the Power of Veto is used because they could be potential re-noms, but as of right now, that’s not the plan.

7. Whitney & Morgan, tied, down 1 spot

These two are Danielle’s nomination plans this week, which means they are definitely in danger of going home. However, her real target is someone else …

8. Alex, down 3 spots

Alex is Danielle’s target this week, which is a very smart play. Alex is easily the smartest and most capable of the Plastics side of the house — sorry, Scott — so cutting off the head of that particular snake is the best Misfit move. Of course, for us fans it’d be a lot more fun if, say, Whitney went home because she’s such a non-entity compared to Alex and maximum drama and good game play is what we all want. But still, it’d be a heckuva move on Danielle’s part to get Alex out.

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