‘Big Brother 13’: The latest Power of Veto competition results

adam-brendon-big-brother-13.jpgIn the “Big Brother 13” house, we’ve gotten a new Head of Household, had him or her make nominations and now we have a Power of Veto winner. And it’s juicy. Don’t forget to sign up for the live feeds so you can follow along with all this week’s craziness. Warning: SPOILERS.

So Daniele is the new HOH and she nominated Brendon and Rachel, after making a deal with Jeff and Jordan to keep them safe if they keep her safe next week – which J&J have promptly talked about many times saying they are not going to honor (not to Daniele, of course).

Today was the Power of Veto competition, with Dani, Brenchel, Jeff, Lawon and Porsche playing. And guess who won? Brendon. And we bet you any amount of money he takes his lady love off the block instead of himself. He does have his Ph.D. to get back to, after all (which are his words – he seems to forget he probably goes into sequester).

UPDATE: Brendon and Rachel talked it over on the live feeds and decided he’ll use the POV on himself. Interesting. I think if Brendon used it on Rachel, there’s a chance he’d stay – he’s well-liked. If he uses it on himself, I don’t think Rachel has a shot of staying.

What do you think, hamster fans? Will Brendon take Rachel off the block? And who will Daniele put up in the place of whomever gets the POV? Frankly, I would not be shocked if she put up Shelly.

Photo/Video credit: CBS

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