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Black Sabbath + McDonald’s = Your new favorite cover band

Mac Sabbath SOURCE: Mac Sabbath Facebook

Have you ever head-banged to a classic heavy metal tune and thought to yourself “Gee, I wish this guitar solo was being shredded by a grown man dressed as Mayor McCheese”? Or ate at a McDonald’s and found yourself noticing the copious similarities between Ronald the clown and Ozzy Osbourne? Then get yourself to an ATM, friend, because Mac Sabbath tickets are going on sale.

The bizarre band, which claims to have traveled through a space-time continuum, perform in concert dressed as demented versions of the classic McDonaldland characters who once sold hot apple pies and thick shakes. Now, however, they burst eardrums with metal covers of classic Black Sabbath songs, re-working the lyrics to reference fast food.

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If Mac Sabbath sounds like the sort of thing you have to see with your own eyes to believe, we have good news: The band has announced their “Clown Power” tour, and will be hitting the road in such cities as Los Angeles, Chicago and New York.

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Which means that you now have the opportunity to see lead singer Ronald Osbourne turn “Iron Man” into “Frying Pan,” “Paranoid” into “Pair-a-buns” and “War Pigs” into the will-definitely-haunt-your-nightmares “More Ribs.”

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What’s that? You have tickets to a Taylor Swift concert the night they come to your town? Um, does Tay-Tay have a bass player dressed as Grimace? Or a drummer who looks like the illegitimate child of Peter Criss and The Hamburglar? Well then, your decision is clear.

Continuing the proud tradition of rock novelties from Tiny Tim to Dread Zeppelin to Gwar (not to mention Macauley Culkin’s Pizza Underground), Mac Sabbath are actually quite proficient with their instruments, even if they do employ quasi-album names like “Sold Our Souls For Cinnamon Rolls.”

Follow the band on Facebook for more details, and be sure to save your appetite — because when it comes to heavy metal mash-ups, Mac Sabbath are all that and a side of fries.

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