Blade Collection: 4 Film Favorites

Blade Collection: 4 Film Favorites

Half human, half vampire, Blade can survive full sunlight and wants to rid the world of vampires; Blade and Whistler must join forces with Blade’s swo

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  1. Review by Cleo for Blade Collection: 4 Film Favorites
    I didn’t enjoy nor appreciate the Blade movies when they first came out. I thought the first one was shallow and music video flashy splashy when it came out and that prejudiced me against the sequels. I was bored so I bought this great deal really because Stephen Dorf owns his petiteness and still BURNS. So everything’s going along reasonably entertaining. NBushe Wright isn’t as pretty as she is in Fresh but she’s still a great example of West African pretty and physical harmony. Part One – Vampires are bad, m’kay and the drafted/turned are no better than the enlisted/purebloods. Part Two is when I start to realize there’s a message beyond Vampires are Bad, M’Kay viz. hybrids bred to more effectively kill mankind are worth nothing to their vampire parents and unconditional love from a child to a parent can be killed and the child can betray the parent. Part Three is about the unforgivableness of familiars and about Dominic Purcell as evil incarnate. It doesn’t go away and it can look like anyone. It can walk in the sunlight and look like your favorite person. So instead of just being box office moneymakers, these movies are well-told lessons. Part Four is just to show by comparison how well done the original three movies are.

  2. Review by Twonkie for Blade Collection: 4 Film Favorites
    Am I the only person who realises the 4th movie on here is the TV Pilot? I’ve read several reviews slamming it…it was never meant to be anything other than the series pilot, hence Wesley not starring as he chose not to be a part of it. On point, the 3 Blade films are great! I could watch them once a week and never tire of them. Thanks to whomever thought of these collections. It saves us all buying individually, which would cost loads more.

  3. Review by Lamarus Maximus for Blade Collection: 4 Film Favorites
    I like the first two movies. Ryan Reynolds made the third and the last one I refuse to even watch. All around a decent deal considering the the movies are about ten bucks separately. I say get it if you are looking for a deal.

  4. Review by Moviefiend for Blade Collection: 4 Film Favorites
    This is a reivew of the set and not the movies. Surprisingly, the quality of these DVDs is pretty good. There is some pixelation on my 52 inch flat screen, but much less than I expectetd. Very watchable, although for die hard fans of the series, I would probably recommend going with the single disc or blu ray version. The reason for my 3 stars, is not the quality of the transfer, but the packaging…definitely lacking here. Unfortunately, the sleeve/flap for the first disc rests awkwardly, directly on top of the 2nd dvd, creating a number of obvious scratches. I returned my copy for a new one (at target, not amazon) and received the same thing, with the scratches in almost the exact same distribution. Skipping has been minimal, but is probably variable and may depend on your player. For those of you who will be dissatisfied with scratched discs, I can imagine that the great majority of these sets will have at least a few scratches. For those who don’t mind a few scratches and a little pixelation, this will probably be a nice buy.

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