‘Blood Lake: Attack of the Killer Lampreys’: It’s no

Blood-Lake-attack-of-the-killer-lampreys-animal-planet.jpgWhen Shannen Doherty
was on “Arsensio” a couple weeks ago, she likened her new movie,
“Blood Lake: Attack of Killer Lampreys” to her fellow
“Beverly Hills, 90210” star Ian Ziering’s B-movie phenomenon “Sharknado” on Syfy.

Well, we’ve seen “Sharknado” and “Blood Lake” is no “Sharknado.”

We weren’t sure it was possible, but the CGI is worse in “Blood Lake.” It really takes a lot to worse than chain-sawing your way out of shark that has fallen from the sky. Also, the lampreys just aren’t that scary looking — they’re kind of like if eels mated with “The Langoliers.”

We will say this, though — “Blood Lake” did have two things going for it that “Sharknado” did not have. The first is Christopher Lloyd. Yes, that’s right. Is he hard up for money? Because it’s weird to see Doc Brown/Professor Plum in a CGI schlock-fest.

Secondly, “Blood Lake” does have this killer line of dialogue from Ms. Doherty herself: “Nice pet, Michael. It looks like an anus with teeth.”

Did you tune in to “Blood Lake”?

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