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Bryan Tanaka Admits It ''F–king Sucks'' Seeing Mariah Carey & James Pa…

Bryan Tanaka received a “big reality check” on Sunday’s Mariah’s World.

On the episode, James Packer flew to Paris to see Mariah Careyperform and when Tanaka spotted the engaged couple being “touchy feely” he said “it just f–king sucks.”

He admitted, “Seeing Mariah and James connect is super weird for me because I haven’t really seen it before. I feel like I’ve been living in this fantasy for a while and all of a sudden this is like a big reality check.”

So what did Tanaka have to say when he saw Mimi in her wedding dress?

Check out the Mariah’s World recap below to find out and to see more shocking moments from this episode!

1. A Second Dancer Gets Injured:

During a show in Austria, dancer Joe cracks his ankle and has to stay off of his foot for six to eight weeks. Tanaka just injured his knee while in Italy, so with Joe’s injury it takes the number of dancers down to four.

“It just seems like everybody’s getting hurt on this tour and I don’t know what to do,” Mariah says. “We have a lot of shows left and no matter what happens, we put on the best show that we can.”

Later on in the episode, two new dancers are hired to help finish the rest the tour with the same choreography.

2. Stella Asks Mariah If James Will Try to “Beat the S–t Out of Tanaka”:

While talking to Mariah, her manager Stella dishes on Tanaka’s “big crush” on Mimi.

“I think Tanaka has a very big crush on you,” Stella says. “And I think you know this.”

Mariah asks Stella, “Are you asking me how I feel? Or are you saying he likes me and la, la, la?”

“I’m saying he likes you and la, la, la,” Stella replies.

“I’ve been friends with Tanaka before I knew anyone else on this tour,” Mariah says.

Stella then asks Mariah, “Do I have to worry about James coming to Paris and trying to beat the s–t out of Tanaka?”

When Mariah asks why James would do that, Stella tells her because of the way Tanaka looks at her.

“Tanaka looks at you with hungry eyes,” Stella tells Mimi.

“I don’t really know what to say except I’m sure Tanaka wouldn’t be inappropriate,” Mariah says.

She then tells Stella she doesn’t think it’s a “big deal.”

3. Tanaka Goes Shopping With Mariah Wearing Only a Bathrobe:

Tanaka lost his luggage during the travel to Paris, so he’s been wearing the same clothes for several days. So Mariah decides to take him shopping to get him some new clothes while he waits for his luggage. But since he doesn’t have anything to wear, Tanaka puts on a bathrobe (with nothing on underneath!) and heads to the stores with Mariah and her squad…all while on crutches!

“You got Tanaka running around Paris in a f–king bathrobe while on crutches with Mariah Carey and a sea of paparazzi…it’s outrageous,” Stella says.

“Mariah didn’t have to take me shopping,” Tanaka says. “Like I already knew she was generous, but I’m realizing how generous she is to everyone she cares about.”

Tanaka continues, “There’s a type of woman I see myself with…the more time we spend together, it just feels like we’re getting closer and closer.”

4. Tanaka Sees Mariah in Her Wedding Dress:

While in Paris, Mariah has her last fitting with her wedding dress and Tanaka is there to see her in it.

“Seeing Mariah in that dress…it’s definitely a wake-up call cause I’m like, ‘Oh yeah…wedding,'” Tanaka admits.

5. Mariah “Can’t Stop Crying” After Prince’s Death:

Before her Paris show, Mariah learns that Prince passed away.

“The news about Prince just hit her so hard and she can’t stop crying, and we’re already so late for the show,” Stella says. “And I know that she wants to obviously keep the show tonight, she’s never gonna disappoint her fans. But at the moment we just can’t get her to stop crying.”

While talking about Prince, Mariah says, “Prince was an inspiration to so many people and we all grew up with him and he was just an incredible artist…there really are no words to describe it. He made a difference in my life, not just as an artist but as a friend and somebody that I could talk to when I needed somebody and he was always there. I can’t really say anything more except we’re all gonna miss him.”

Mariah is able to make it through her concert and during the show Mimi honors Prince and has a moment of silence for him.

6. James Arrives in Paris:

James flies to Paris to see Mariah’s show and is there to comfort her after the death of Prince. After Mariah’s concert, the two cuddle up at her vodka launch and Tanaka sees them getting “touchy feely.”

Tanaka says, “Seeing Mariah and James all touchy feely…it doesn’t seem real, but seeing it in real life…I guess it’s real. This is like a big reality check, took a lot of air out of my balloon. It just f–king sucks.”

7. Tanaka Admits “I Feel Like I Just Made a Big Mistake”:

After seeing Mariah with James, Tanaka has a talk with G. Madison.

“Remember how I was telling you I was feeling a certain way about the queen?” Tanaka asks. “I felt like there was something kind of there and then James came into town, and he’s never really around, I’ve never really seen them together really.”

Tanaka continues, “Seeing them interact together and it looks like she’s really happy…I want her to be happy, you know?”

G. Madison asks Tanaka, “Does it feel really authentic when you guys are chillin’?”

Tanaka tells him that he feels like there’s “some real authentic stuff going on” between him and Mimi.

He then tells G. Madison, “I feel like I just made a big mistake.”

Watch a brand-new episode of Mariah’s World Sunday at 9 p.m., only on E!

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