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Caleb Haas is about to make a victorious return to ‘Quantico’

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After the topsy-turvy journey Caleb Haas (Graham Rogers) took in “Quantico” Season 1, we were more than a little disappointed to find that he wouldn’t play a part in Season 2’s investigation of the CIA. Besides some second-hand information that he was at Berkeley Law School, Caleb pretty much dropped off the map, seeming to have gotten out of the spy world.

But now, he might be diving right back in — and we couldn’t be more thrilled.

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As the terrorist crisis at the G20 Summit finally came to and end, Alex (Priyanka Chopra) was less than thrilled to realize that Lydia (Tracy Ifeachor) had been playing them all along, determined to release the information on the American hard drives about their undercover operations and strategies. While they may have saved the drives belonging to other countries, the US secrets are out there for anyone to take advantage of.

Naturally, the new Madam President, Claire Haas (Marcia Cross), decided to grab the bull by the horns — and got proactive about this new threat to national security.

A new, covert joint task force made up of Alex, Nimah (Yasmine Al Massri), Ryan (Jake McLaughlin), Dayana (Pearl Thusi) and Shelby (Johanna Brady) will assess the damage done by the drive, and plan out how best counter the inevitable attacks headed for the country. It’s a pretty cushy deal as far as FBI or CIA agents go, but it comes with one huge stipulation: They’ll have to answer to Claire Haas’ son.

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Assuming Caleb has no secret siblings we’re forgetting about, this can only mean he’ll be back in action — and he’ll be in charge this time around.

We predict that Nimah, Ryan and Alex will be less than thrilled to be taking orders from their former fellow FBI recruit, but Shelby will probably have the hardest time with it. She may have fallen for Leon (Aarón Díaz) in the first half of the season, but we’re not sure she ever truly got over her feelings for Caleb. Now that she’ll be coming face to face with him everyday — and as his subordinate, this time around — we’re expecting the drama will undoubtedly unfold.

“Quantico” airs Mondays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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