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‘Catching Fire’ Capitol Couture Tumblr Features Effie Trinket Profile and Panem Fashion

Fashionistas and “Hunger Games” fans alike can find common ground at Capitol Couture, the Lionsgate-sanctioned Tumblr that’s been re-launched to promote the next installment of the hit action series, “Catching Fire.”

The site is stuffed to the gills with content, featuring a day-in-the-life profile of District 12’s Capitol escort, Effie Trinket, and a lookbook of clothing items that would be at home in each of Panem’s districts. (A large scarf will help keep you warm in the cold District 8 climate, for example, or a dress made from dehydrated eggplants would fit in well with District 11’s lush vegetation.)

It’s a clever marketing ploy that works on many levels, both giving fans of the series a taste of some of the fashion they can expect to see in “Catching Fire,” while offering a deeper, winking understanding of the clueless Capitol residents’ fetishization of lavish luxury and their out-of-touch outlook on the rest of the country’s subjects.

“The Capitol Elite support the victors as they tour Panem with 12 District-inspired looks,” the site’s copy reads. “As Effie Trinket said, ‘…district ruins are going to be all the rage this year’.”

It looks like Capitol Couture will be updated fairly frequently before “Catching Fire” hits theaters November 22 — Issue One of its Chroma Nouveau online mag is live on the site now — so check back often to see what sort of looks Effie, Katniss, and other tributes will be sporting in the next installment. And may the fashion odds be ever in your favor.

[via Capitol Couture]

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