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Coco Montrese addresses potential ‘Drag Race’ revenge

Coco Montrese 'Drag Race All Stars 2'

On Thursday (Aug. 25), RuPaul’s “Drag Race: All Stars 2” premiered with 10 of the best runners-up from seasons past competing for a $100,000 grand prize and a spot in the Drag Race Hall of Fame. Aside from Tatianna’s spoken word act being the most entertaining performance of the evening, Roxxxy’s new slim figure, and Adore’s much fuller physique, the most surprising moment of the premiere episode happened in the final 30 seconds.

As Coco Montrese was leaving as the season’s first queen to sashay away, RuPaul halted her exit with a special cliffhanger message.

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Everyone is stewing trying to figure what RuPaul meant when she told Coco Montrese, “Stay thirsty girl cuz it ain’t over. You still have a chance to return … for your revenge.” So, is Coco coming back? What is happening?

Revenge on 'Drag Race All Stars 2'

We think it’s safe to assume that Coco’s “chance for revenge” means an opportunity to earn her place back in the competition. While, according to the new rules, the week’s winner gets to choose which queen is sent home, there’s no way Mama Ru would actually let one her girls get the boot with out her signing off on it first. There’s a reason Ru is Ru, the irreplaceable glamazon of talent, beauty and brains, whom is revered by all her fans, and it’s not by letting anyone else take the reigns. RuPaul created the ‘Drag Race” empire, and she alone controls it.

While audiences will have to wait until next week to see what happens, Zap2it got to speak with Coco after Thursday’s premiere. And we grilled her for every bit of information we could get.

What you first saw the surprise video message, what did you think?

Coco Montrese: It sounds like a second chance. We ill see. At first it was like, ‘Oh my God.’ It was like being thrown a life line. It made me feel like Ru said I have more to offer and that I had a second shot at this.

RuPaul 'Drag Race'

Did you have any hesitations about joining ‘All Stars’?

Who says no to RuPaul? Let’s just be for real. He gets thousands upon thousands of applicants to do the show. So to be chosen out of thousands – and then he has a hundred girls to choose from! Who would say no to that in their right mind? It’s a wow factor. You go, “Wow.”

Coco Montrese 'Drag Race'

Did you know who else would be competing?

No. It’s just like a regular season when you walk in the work room, you don’t know who they’re gonna be.

Who had the biggest transformation?

Katya. For sure. She’s still young, but she’s grown from Season 2. From then until now, she’s just beautiful. Stunning to look at.

Katya 'Drag Race'

Any special preparations to do before filming started?

No, because you’re traveling the country already, you get this call … and you don’t really have the time to prepare for it. So, you just kind of go in there blind and give it your all.

What’s the first thing you packed?

Of course, I had to have my Doritos compact. That’s my new trademark. It’s my new novelty. To walk in the work room without that would be crazy. It was specially made for me. And it’s actually going to be available for all the fans who love or hate me, to buy it on my website.

Coco Montrese 'Drag Race All Stars 2'

Anything you wish you did differently?

No. I am a risk-taker. I’m not going to change that. It’s how I grow and how I evolve how.

In case we don’t get to see, who were you going to be for Snatch Game?

Nene Leakes. She’s so sassy. And that mouth! It would’ve been the blonde Nene Leakes, of course.

If not you, who deserves to win?

Alaska. I love Alaska. I’m her biggest fan.

Alaska 'Drag Race All Stars 2'

“Drag Race: All Stars 2” airs on Thursday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Logo & VH1.

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