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‘CSI’: Elisabeth Shue previews Finlay’s past, hot chemistry with ‘Cougar Town’ guest star


Image Credit: Monty Brinton

After several bodies are unearthed in the middle of the desert on tonight’s CSI, Finlay (Elisabeth Shue) is going to be forced to unearth her past.

And as Shue previews, this trip down memory lane, which finds Finlay traveling to to retrace the steps of the case that got her fired from her old job, could land the passionate investigator in some hot water. “It was good to finally explain what got her fired and to also show what gets her in trouble. She sometimes gets too passionate about things and oversteps her boundaries — but she’s usually right [to do so],” says Shue. “[She has] a child-like need to go out there and throw herself into things without knowing the consequences — and when she knows, she doesn’t care.”

No one knows these flaws better than Finn’s ex-husband, played by Cougar Town‘s Brian Van Holt, with whom Finn still shares a deep connection. “I loved that she has a past relation Seattle ship with her ex husband that’s not entirely resolved,” says Shue. “She wants to fall in love so desperately — and had fallen in love with somebody — but yet her personality isn’t quite stable enough to keep a relationship in her life.”

However, that doesn’t mean she can’t have a little fun. As the photo above hints, the pair share a moment or two in the episode. “It’s a relationship that ended before it should have. They’re still sexually connected, which I think is cool,” she says. ” It’s not like a tired marraige that ended because everyone moved on. It ended in a heated, passionate place.”

As far as Shue is concerned, if CSI can borrow Van Holt from Cougar Town and “as long as I can make out with him, he [can] come back as often as possible,” she jokes.

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