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Daniel Stern re-creates ‘Home Alone’ tarantula scene – should we be concerned about him?

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As the years go by, it’s hard to not notice that several beloved supporting actors are getting more and more eccentric. Some, like Gary Busey and Randy Quaid, seem to have permanently stepped off the reservation; others, like Christopher Walken and Jeff Goldblum, appear to be in on the joke. Then there’s the matter of “City Slickers” and “Diner” star Daniel Stern, who is now posting shirtless videos on YouTube of himself re-creating scenes from “Home Alone.”

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Following up on a bizarre video from last December that had Stern reprising his role as “Wet Bandit” Marv, re-imagined as what seemed like a torture victim, Stern posted a video Monday (July 26) that has him re-creating the spider scene from “Home Alone” — with a real, live tarantula that he seems to have trapped in his garage.

“Hey guys,” the 58-year-old actor begins, dressed in what appears to be a bathing suit and flip-flops. “Guess what I just got, in the bucket? I hope I can show you without killing myself.”

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Using masking paper and an orange Home Depot bucket as his tools, Stern then flips over the bucket to reveal a big, hairy eight-legged beast as scary as the one that famously crawled on his face 26 years ago. After his female camera operator (wife, perhaps?) giggles and lets out a shriek, Stern re-creates Marv’s reaction with a scream of his own.

“Hey, just like in the movie, huh?” Stern smiles.

So, where does Daniel Stern rank on the “Should we be concerned?” meter? Well, he had enough presence of mind to not put the spider on his face — which we have no doubt hat Busey would have done — so, we’re thinking it’s safe to share in his laugh. But if his next YouTube video has Stern stepping on nails, we’re officially alerting the proper authorities.

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