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David Bruckner on the ‘Labyrinthine’ Plot of ‘The Night

Director David Bruckner, who first broke out at Sundance with 2007’s “The Signal,” dropped by TheWrap studio at Sundance to debate the challenges of his second solo-directed function movie, psychological horror thriller “The Night House.” Watch the interview above.

“It was just challenging in several new ways,” stated Bruckner. “There’s a confounding kind of labyrinthine aspect to the plot in the mystery and so that was a lot of plates to keep spinning.”

“As we move through it, it really focused on a central performance in a way that I had never had a chance to do. We had Rebecca (Hall) carrying the movie, and we spend a large part of the movie with just Rebecca doing various things that she digs herself a deeper hole into the nightmare. It was fun in that way and it was complex challenge,” added Bruckner.

“I think when the script is good and you can imagine it when you’re reading it then the job is just trying to match your imagination with what you end up doing when they say action,” added lead star Rebecca Hall.

“The Night House” facilities on Beth (Hall) who’s reeling from the sudden loss of life of her husband, and is left alone within the lakeside dwelling he constructed for her. She tries as finest she will to maintain collectively–however then the desires come. Disturbing visions of a presence in the home name to her, beckoning with a ghostly attract. But the cruel mild of day washes away any proof of a haunting. Against the recommendation of her buddies, she begins digging into his belongings, craving for solutions. What she finds are secrets and techniques each unusual and horrible and a thriller she’s decided to resolve.

Bruckner goes on to debate what his movie’s influences had been.

“I think as far as like specific films that influenced it I think probably every haunt film that we’ve ever seen,” added Bruckner. “We talked a lot about ‘Turn of the Screw,’ going all the way back to that which was the initial question of is this happening at someone’s mind or is it something overt that’s happening in the world? Is it external? Is it internal? I think that there’s a long history of that kind of exploration in ghost stories and it is something that we embraced.”

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