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David Feherty on luring Bill Clinton to the Golf Channel

bill-clinton-david-feherty.jpgZap2it: How would you describe your interviewing style on your Golf Channel talk show, “Feherty”?

David Feherty: I’ll start, and I’ll forget the question that I’ve asked halfway through asking it, and it will end up being another question altogether, which leaves my subject completely nonplussed, looking like a donkey that’s just found a new gate. Because I’m so attention-deficit, it turns into more of a conversation than an interview. I think that’s what we’re looking for. I’m not sure.

Zap2it: How did you get Bill Clinton on your show?

David Feherty: I went to the Humana Challenge last year in Palm Springs to meet with him just to secure the thing. He was playing with Greg Norman, who’s also been on the show. And he said, “Feherty, you know why I’m going to be on your show?” And I said, “Not really.” He says, “Because you’re just about as full of it as I am.” I go, “Fair enough. That’s as good a reason as any.”

Zap2it: Do you prefer live or taped interviews?

David Feherty: The taped version … I have fantastic editors that can make it look like an actual TV show, which is miraculous, as far as I can see, because my conversations can be so disjointed and disappear off at angles and tangents that leave them with difficult edit points. So, yeah, the live shows are fun. They really are. I’m as nervous as a box of frogs before, but once the bell rings, I’m kind of all right.

Photo/Video credit: NewsCom

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