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Death watch 2011: Fall TV survival status report

Sure, it’s only been two weeks. But sometimes, that’s all it takes for a new show to either earn a full-season order (congrats, Fox’s New Girl) or get the ax (time to start packing, Playboy Club?). Here’s how the new shows are faring so far among the ever-crucial adults 18-49 rating and our thoughts about which will still be alive come spring:

2 Broke Girls (CBS): 5.9 rating
Status: If this comedy were on other networks, it would have already earned a pickup. CBS tends to be conservative about giving early endorsements (and when it comes to its Monday night block, there’s a high bar for admission.) But a couple more strong performances by the gals should help seal the deal.

New Girl (Fox): 4.7
Status: Fox got to be the first network to pick up a new show for a full season. (Traditionally, the networks only order the first 13 and wait to pick up the back nine after seeing the ratings). Given the Zooey Deschanel show’s super-strong audience retention for its second episode and improving on its Glee lead-in, the move will likely pay off.

X Factor (Fox): 4.2
Status: It’s not exactly performing at the levels Simon Cowell expected it would. (He was out there saying anything less than 20 million would be a “disappointment.”) But the show has given Fox some unprecedented bragging rights — like how for the first time in Fox history has the net won the first two Wednesdays of a TV season. This show isn’t going anywhere.

Suburgatory (ABC) 3.3
Status: The comedy had a surprisingly good bow, in spite of its dreadful title and lead-in from ABC’s low-rated comedy The Middle. Does it help being so close to Modern Family? Its definitely a good fit. If viewers return for Week 2, it’s unlikely the network will give up on this Jeremy Sisto comedy anytime soon.

Terra Nova (Fox): 3.1
Status: This would be a solid number — for just about any other show. The bar is set high for the expensive and heavily-hyped dino drama, and the premiere rating didn’t leave a lot of wiggle room. Terra Nova will not get a full season (Fox executives have confirmed that’s out of the cards); the question is whether the show will get a second season. Expect Fox to air all 12 weeks no matter what.

Pan Am (ABC): 3.1
Status: The period drama fell 19 percent from its premiere but reviews have been mostly favorable. And there are all those billboards! Unless this bird crashes in the coming weeks, we expect the gals to fly for a full season, at least.

Revenge (ABC): 3.0
Status: ABC has struggled to launch dramas at 10 p.m. and the network was hoping this modern day riff on The Count of Monte Cristo would be a break-out this fall. Amy VanCamp is a TV star and it’s great to see Madeleine Stowe on the small screen but this soap is not lathering up fans as much as ABC probably wanted. But it would be sacrilege to rip a soap off before the mystery is at least halfway unraveled so its seems likely the network will stick with this for a full season.

Person of Interest (CBS): 2.9
Status: The combination of Jim Cavaziel and Michael Emerson is just too good. Though the drama still has some kinks to work out, this one will likely go the distance until May.

Whitney (NBC): 2.9
Status: Has the highest average rating of NBC’s new comedies, but is not the best liked.

Up All Night (NBC): 2.7
Status: The Christina Applegate starrer has lost some of its 18-49 following across three weeks, but don’t expect to Peacock to give up on the latest laugher from uber-producer Lorne Michaels without a fight.

Unforgettable (ABC): 2.7
Status: A show that nobody talks about that did better than expected. Too early too tell.

How to be a Gentleman (CBS): 2.7
Status: It didn’t have the best opening — especially by CBS standards and given its giant Big Bang Theory lead-in. This show needs to improve or these gentlemen will be shown the door.

Charlie’s Angels (ABC): 1.8
Status: We’re not sure what’s more embarrassing — this show or those ratings. After dropping 29 percent drop for its second episode, we predict its demise before Thanksgiving.

Prime Suspect (NBC): 1.7
Status: Not the lowest-rated new show, but arguably the biggest disappointment. A crime procedural starring Maria Bello based on a known brand seemed destined to at least perform solidly in primetime, but was crushed by The Mentalist and Private Practice.

Playboy Club (NBC): 1.5
Status: The concept drew hostility among some conservative viewers, but also among conservative TV industry pundits — not for its content (which is tame), but for daring to violate the rule of trying to get broadcast-sized ratings with a narrow cable channel Mad Men-style concept. In short: Nobody is surprised this show is not doing well.

A Gifted Man (CBS): 1.4
Status: The bar is set pretty low for Fridays so this drama starring Patrick Wilson could stay put for longer than you think.

Free Agents (NBC): 1.5
Status: Its most recent rating was at a 1.0. Even with NBC grading on a curve, this is a good bet for the first axed show of the fall.

Secret Circle (The CW): 1.1
Status: It’s no Vampire Diaries, but Kevin Williamson’s latest is still performing better than any of The CW’s other new shows, and the ratings ticking up a notch in Week 3 is what a network hopes to see.

Ringer (The CW): 0.9
Status: There’s no way the fifth network will slam the door on La Gellar, no matter how unremarkable her ratings are. This show will air for a full season.

Hart of Dixie (The CW): 0.8
Status: This rating is traditionally at the bottom of the barrel for a CW drama, and yet it was the premiere. Question is: Does CW have anything to put in its place?

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