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Star Wars comedian confirmed Kylo Ren knew methods to survive a fall

If there’s one factor everyone knows about demise within the Star Wars universe it is that it is not ultimate – in spite of everything, Force ghosts are as necessary to the universe because the dwelling Jedi. But there’s one other much less oft-discussed tenet about life and demise in Star Wars is that this: if you wish to kill somebody, do not throw them down a pit.

From Palpatine to Luke to Darth Maul, Star Wars is full of people that have not died from their seemingly deadly falls. It’s turn out to be a joke of types, so when The Rise of Skywalker noticed Palpatine throw a newly redeemed Ben Solo right into a pit, his return wasn’t precisely a shock.

However, Ben Solo’s capacity to not die from a fall wasn’t solely foreshadowed by earlier Star Wars lore, it was truly already cemented in his coaching. We know this because of the comedian Star Wars: Age of Resistance – Supreme Leader Snoke, and its ramifications are broader than only a continuation of a joke.

adam driver as ben solo in star wars the rise of skywalker


The comedian exhibits Snoke coaching Kylo Ren. In one significantly prescient scene within the Ralech system, Snoke force-levitates Kylo Ren and asks him “Are you afraid?” as he holds him, dangling over the pit.

He goes on to say he can inform Kylo Ren is afraid and that it is a good factor, as males who’re afraid usually flip to anger. He instructs Kylo Ren to make use of that anger, after which he lets him fall.

Kylo stops himself in need of hitting the jagged backside and makes use of the Force to propel himself again to Snoke. Thus, this portion of Kylo Ren’s coaching is over — he has realized particularly methods to not die from being thrown right into a pit.

star wars age of resistance supreme leader snoke

Marvel Comics

star wars age of resistance supreme leader snoke

Marvel Comics

This begs the query, why would Palpatine select to throw Kylo Ren right into a pit as a way of killing him? He of all individuals ought to know that Kylo would survive.

He would know as a result of Snoke was a Palpatine sock puppet, in spite of everything. And although Snoke certainly had some particular person will of his personal (in spite of everything, Palpatine’s cloned son actually did) he would probably report again to Palpatine.

kylo ren, star wars the rise of skywalker


Even if not, even when Snoke was working below the misguided assumption that he was truly an actual particular person, Palpatine is clearly the puppet grasp of, properly, all the pieces. For him to someway not know that one of many key phases of coaching Kylo was ‘survive deadly fall right into a pit’ could be an enormous oversight.

Sure, all of us make errors, and Palpatine made a couple of (like, why inform Rey that killing him would fulfil his plan, why not simply let her homicide him and succeed?) however this looks like one oversight too far.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker and your complete Skywalker Saga can be found on DVD, Blu-ray and 4K now, in addition to on Disney+, whereas Rise of Skywalker can also be on Sky Cinema Premiere and NOW TV.

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