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December Horoscopes: Mercury Retrograde Brings Some Not-so Good Tidings!

ESC: December Horoscopes, Chanel Iman, Saggitarius

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The holidays may bring on good tidings…but not necessarily good cheer.

Unfortunately for us all, Mercury will sink into retrograde from Dec. 19 to Jan. 8, which might explain why you’re extra moody waiting in that cashier line, you’re extra annoyed of your little brother and you accidentally butt-dialed your mom while complaining about her.

Before you lose your cool, all is not lost. Click through to read your style horoscopes for the month of December. Here, you’ll find which colors will neutralize all those retrograde-instigating emotions.

Birth month pals, like fellow Sagittarius Chanel Iman, will feel some uneasiness, too, but luckily, your money and romance sector will be blooming with good fortune. Keep your mind open with sheer pieces that are equally sexy as they are serious.

On the other hand, if you’re a Libra, like Bella Hadid, the sky is looking pretty blue. Everything seems to be working for you. Keep things smooth sailing in a slick pair of patent boots.

What does this month have in store for your sign? Click on to find out.

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