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DejaRu? ‘All Stars 2’ rinse & repeat episode sends the wrong queen home … again


After breaking free of the queen formally known as Phi Phi O’Hara, “All Stars 2” was ready to start with a fresh slate Thursday (Sept. 29). With Tatianna and Alyssa Edwards having worked their way back into competition, and the “Drag Race” runway skies clear of Phi Phi’s black cloud of negativity, viewers were ready to see these final six queens turn it up.

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This week’s maxi-challenge was for each queen to create her own self-branded product. After filming a commercial for their original item, the runway challenge forced all the ladies to create a look featuring an item of clothing no one, not even non-drag queens, are really fond of: Pants! The Top 2 queens of the week would have their product on sale at next year’s DragCon, and then lip sync for their legacy and the power to send one of the bottom two queens home.

This is where the episode begins to a feel a little rinse-and-repeat. Mirroring episode 2 of the season, the Top 2 queens were Katya and Alaska: Roxxxy and Tatianna again found themselves at risk for elimination. With last week’s shake-up, it’s not shocking this situation recurred — but based on tonight’s showing, it is very surprising RuPaul and the judges arrived back at this decision. Were they watching the same competition we were?

fabulousness gif DejaRu? All Stars 2 rinse & repeat episode sends the wrong queen home ... again

Tatianna being in the bottom had viewers thinking: What? How? And it can’t be blamed on the Ro-Laska-Tox alliance, either. Maybe the judges deducted points for Tatianna doing a full-on celebrity impression for the runway, but her T-Boz outfit was on point and she created the best self-branded product. We’d buy her tea set in a second at DragCon, no question.

If anyone should’ve joined Roxxy in the bottom two, it should’ve been Detox. How did she not get torn apart for that dreadful red-and-white capri number? And even though Katya constructed a tracksuit that was impeccably tailored, her product (Krises Kontrol?) literally serves no purpose. Why have “The Profit” star Marcus Lemonis do a lap around the workroom and give the queens advice on making a practical and commercial product, only to pick something we’d only take home only if it was being handed out for free?

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The spraycan of what might be just water and glitter whatever it was is as useless as Roxxxy’s wig tape. However Roxxxy keeps her trick double wigs on, it is not by using that tape. We think Roxxxy might be thinking long term. Even though it was a business venture that could make her some nice change, she may be keeping her trademark move — and how she keeps it flawless — a secret.

roxxy andrews wig gif DejaRu? All Stars 2 rinse & repeat episode sends the wrong queen home ... again

Regardless of whether it was faulty tape or not, something is not sitting right. It wasn’t one of those evenings in which everyone performed so well that sending any one person home felt like Sophie’s RuPaul’s Choice. First of all, the Top 2 should’ve been Alaska and Alyssa Edwards. Those safe should’ve been Tatianna and Katya. And even though it’s hard to say since she’s been such a force to be reckoned with this season — and we’re still gushing about that amazing red/black number she strutted down the runway weeks ago — Detox should’ve been on the bottom.

detoxxx slaying the runway all stars 2 DejaRu? All Stars 2 rinse & repeat episode sends the wrong queen home ... again

Topping it all off, naming Alaska as the winner of the lip sync battle also seemed out of left field. Katy clearly outperformed Alaska, but that’s now neither here nor there. And if Roxxxy had been the queen to go home, this entire conversation would be a moot point. But it was the gorgeous and talented Tatianna, who not only clawed her way back onto the show, she truly outperformed most of her competition this week. They say “All is fair in love war” — but in “Drag Race”? Not always.

its not personal its drag all stars 2 alyssa edwards DejaRu? All Stars 2 rinse & repeat episode sends the wrong queen home ... again

“Drag Race: All Stars 2” airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Logo & VH1.

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