Dracula – Dead and Loving It

Dracula – Dead and Loving It

A comic reinvention of the Bela Lugosi classic about a Transylvanian vampire who works his evil spell on a perplexed group of Londoners. Mel Brooks’s Count is a pratfalling evil prince of a guy who believes in long relationships. Brooks portrays vampire hunter Van Helsing, who won’t give a bloodsucker an even break.DVD Features:
Audio Commentary:Commentary by director/co-writer Mel Brooks, co-stars Steven Weber and Amy Yasbeck, and co-writers Rudy De Luca and Steve Haberman
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In 1995, it was promising to hear that Mel Brooks was creating “the companion piece to Young Frankenstein.” He had also brought in the heavyweight of deadpan–Leslie Nielsen. As Lt. Frank Drebin in the Police Squad movies, Nielsen has no peer for silly stuff–just the player Brooks would seem to need for a strong movie, as any fan of Brooks perpetually hopes a new film may rekindle his madcap magic. Alas, the end results in Dracula: Dead and Loving It include a sprinkling of amusements an

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2 thoughts on “Dracula – Dead and Loving It

  1. Review by AmazingMrKimble for Dracula – Dead and Loving It
    As with “Young Frankenstein” you sort of need to have seen the original Universal films (if not the Francis Ford Copolla version) to get all the jokes. This might be the favorite vampire movie for pre-teen kids. It sure is in my house. Leslie Nielsen has the Dracula role nailed in what is his best performance outside of the Police Squad movies (George Hamilton, eat your heart out). Mel Brooks is slightly over the top, but since when is that news? You have to go back to “Abbot & Costello Meet Frankenstein” to find something this funny involving vampires.

  2. Review by Alex Udvary for Dracula – Dead and Loving It
    I think just about every person I’ve every spoken to about Mel Brooks has told me the same think:”My favorite is “Blazing Saddles!” or “I love “Young Frankenstein!” But this is one you’ll never hear anyone mention.(To some people that’s a good thing!) I was surpised to see what other viewers thought of this movie. I assumed everyone HATED it! But this is the kind of film you’d expect from Mel Broks,the man who brought you “Spaceballs”,or “High Anxiety”. A silly crazy spoof! The only way the enjoy this movie is to sit back and relax! It’s not a masterpiece! It’s a light hearted comedy! Good for some laughs! The mirror scene at the end will induce the biggest laughs!

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