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‘Drag Race: All Stars 2’ winner: Fierce fan favorite or temper tantrum

The final four competing on “All Stars 2” were not necessarily the people’s final four — or even close — but Alaska, Detox, Katya and Roxxxy Andrews — aka “Rolaskatox… plus Katya” — were the queens still standing for the final showdown.

We were still recovering from how neither Tatianna nor Alyssa Edwards made it to the finish line, but knew we could rest easy as long as the crown went to either Katya or Alaska.

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Alaska would’ve had this $100K in the bag if it weren’t for her meltdown last week. Her first time up for elimination all season, the frontrunner had a full on tantrum that painted her in a worse light that Coco Montrose’s Cheeto-orange make-up. It was unprofessional and embarrassing — sure nothing you’d ever expect to see from a queen about to be inducted to RuPaul’s Hall of Fame.

While Katya has been a fan favorite since her original appearance on Season 7, her return on “All Stars 2” showed she had not been slacking on her own time: Funnier and more refined that before, Katya’s looks were more daring than ever, and whether she was declared winner or not, her dance moves and flexibility made her the most entertaining queen to watch during every lip-sync battle.

No one benefited more from Alaska’s meltdown than Katya did — that #TeamKatya social presence boomed as fans turned on Alaska. No one likes to see a contestant act petty and lose all humility the moment things get tough, and everybody loves to jump on the bandwagon when they feel the tide has turned. While being upset is understandable for an all-star competitor, Alaska seemed like she forgot this is a game. It’s fun! It’s drag, henny!

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rupaul its not personal gif Drag Race: All Stars 2 winner: Fierce fan favorite or temper tantrum queen?

RuPaul dismissed Roxxxy before the final battle, as if Ru knew viewers would’ve sashayed away in anger if we had to sweat it for one second that Roxxxy might win out over Katya, Detox or Alaska. So many weird and unexpected judging decisions have been made this season it no longer seemed impossible — but thank God (and Mama Ru), we got to chill out right away.

Roxxxy told us time and again that she came to “All Stars 2” to rehab her image — and in that respect, she’s a total success. Before she twirled off into the world, Roxxxy appeared genuinely happy and grateful: She knew the tea, could see she had no business in the final four… But instead of apologizing, she took it for what it was, and enjoyed her second life! “I’m so proud. I will forever be thick and juicy. Goodbye!”

Bravo, Roxxxy. That’s how a true queen makes an exit.

After one final lip-sync, RuPaul gathered her girls for the last time, and the winner was finally announced. While Detox looked stunning in her final runway look, and it was as hard as ever to peel your eyes of Katya during the lip-sync battle, Mama Ru said, “Condragulations, Alaska… You are a winner, baby!”

This final decision ultimately saves the entire season for us. Alaska is the whole package: Talent, wit, unexpected beauty and always coming with a new surprise for the audience. She had a meltdown; we all have our moments. Alaska did her best to apologize — and clearly regrets the moment — and then moved on. You can’t ask for much more than that after the damage has been done.

She returned to the competition, and absolutely slayed the rap challenge. It was a mic-drop performance, absolutely putting to rest any doubts that she’d be worthy of the “All Stars 2” grand prize. This was Alaska’s time. Imperfect or not, Alaska is still more than deserving of RuPaul’s Drag Race Hall of Fame.

And that’s not the end. Even with a new reigning All-Star Queen, there’s still major tea to be served next week at the reunion. Phi Phi O’Hara stayed good on her promise not to attend, but Adore Delano will be back, along with all of the season’s send-offs. So get your booty to the library, because these queens are about to get read.

The “Drag Race: All Stars 2” reunion airs Thursday, Oct. 20, at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Logo & Vh1.

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