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Emmys 2014: Vince Gilligan says ‘Breaking Bad’ win is ‘icing on the cake’

It’s a big night for
“Breaking Bad” at the
66th Emmy Awards. The critically acclaimed drama walks away with five awards, including Outstanding Drama Series and three acting nods. 

Despite going into the award ceremony a huge favorite to win, Vince Gilligan claims that he was surprised they won. “I did not arrive here tonight thinking it would happen. So it’s a real surprise here and a real honor,” Gilligan says. “As I said on the stage, we were up against some very stiff competition. Bryan, Anna and Aaron were also up against very stiff acting competition. There were so many people who could have won this tonight and it would have been deserved but I’m glad it was us.” 

The show racks up five wins tonight, including a trophy for Lead Actor Bryan Cranston. “It’s just tell a good story and [Vince Gilligan] and his writing staff are terribly adroit at doing that.,” Cranston says when asked why the show has resonated so well, for so long. “When we open those scripts about a week before we start filming, all of us are so tightly connected to this show and even we can’t guess where he and his writing staff are going to go? That’s amazing story telling. We all bow to the genius of Vince Gilligan and his writing staff.” 

Gilligan was much more effacing about his role in making the show such a huge success — instead putting the attention back on his cast and crew. “This is a wonderful icing on the cake. The substance — the cake itself — was getting to work with these wonderful people for six years,” the showrunner explains. “The folks all over the world who are fans of this show — they honor us every day with their love of our show. We couldn’t be more proud of the work we did. It still feels like winning the lottery to me, getting to work with these folks. It’s going to be a tough one to top.” 

Though everyone is sad to see the show go, it all ends on a high note. Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series winner Aaron Paul gave away a bunch of his “Breaking Bad” memorabilia in a city wide
scavenger hunt but there is one thing he won’t be giving up. “I love saying the word b***,” the actor claims when being asked about his character’s signature phrase. 

We love you saying it too, Aaron. 

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