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Exclusive ‘Timeless’ clip: Rufus & Wyatt are the new Doc & Marty

Wyatt (Matt Lanter) mentioned his desire to steal the Lifeboat to save Jessica on last week’s (Jan. 22) “Timeless” — check out this this exclusive clip of Monday night’s (Jan. 30) all-new episode to see what happens next.

Looks like Wyatt’s not only successful in getting Rufus (Malcolm Barrett) to play cohort on this rogue mission, but he’s victorious gettingi t off the ground. While Lucy (Abigail Spencer) stays behind to cover for them, Wyatt and Rufus head back to the 70’s to carry out their plan.

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In the clip, Rufus is adorably excited about teaming up with Wyatt. He’s the kind of guy that probably didn’t have a lot of friends growing up — he even compares them to being the new A-team. “Time Team,” he says, before realizing how horrible that actually sounds. Wyatt mostly ignores Rufus’ jokes, for he is laser-focused on their mission at hand. First: They need to find the serial killer’s parents:

“We just have to make sure these two don’t hook up tonight,” Wyatt says — as the murderer they’re looking for was apparently the result of a one-night stand.

“So this is like a reverse ‘Back to the Future,’” Rufus says, this time nailing his pop culture reference: Marty McFly and Doc went “Back to the Future” to make sure Marty’s parents still fell in love and had kids. This is indeed the opposite of that.

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But how far is Wyatt willing to go if their plan doesn’t go as smoothly as expected, which is to be expected. What seems like a simple and nonviolent mission could turn out to be anything but: Their plans could quickly go from reverse “Back to the Future” to something reminiscent of “The Terminator.” Will Wyatt pull the trigger on innocent people to prevent a serial killer from being born? And what kind of ramifications could that have on the future?

timeless gif Exclusive Timeless clip: Rufus & Wyatt are the new Doc & Marty McFly but in reverse

Or what if Claire and Joel aren’t as sweet as their pictures make them seem, putting Rufus and Wyatt’s lives in danger? Although Wyatt has “done his research,” there are numerous way things could go wrong — especially once the Lifeboat team back in present day realize the ship is missing.

“Timeless” airs on Monday nights at 10 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

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