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‘Falling Water’: Tess’s connection to Topeka runs much deeper than we

With a title like “The Swirl,” Thursday’s (Nov. 17) episode of “Falling Water” did its best to stir things up. And after last week’s discovery that her boy had gone missing, Tess (Lizzie Brochere) heads back home to confront her mother — and finds some intriguing answers along the way.

Diving into Charlotte’s (Trudie Styler) dream, Tess finds herself walking through an odd drycleaning establishment before finding a classroom, where her mother’s taken the form of a young schoolgirl. As she attempts to jog some answers from her regarding the missing boy, and his connection to the teddybear that keeps turning up, Tess meets some resistance… Before suddenly, without warning, Charlotte turns the dream on its head and Tess finds herself trapped in a forced therapy session.

Her quest for answers doesn’t stop there — in a local diner, Tess randomly runs into Burton (David Ajala). The waking world feels like an odd place for them both to interact but given his own recent discoveries, it all feels so fitting… Maybe even coincidental. After all, we are watching a story unfold that takes place in a surreal dreamworld most of the time.

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falling water episode 106 burton swirl Falling Water: Tesss connection to Topeka runs much deeper than we thought

If anyone can help Tess get to the bottom of things, it has to be Burton. After an awkward attempt at interrogating Woody (Kai Lennox) — something tells us these scenes work out better in real life — we’re shown just how far this Topeka rabbit hole goes. The conspiracy appears to be much bigger than either he or Tess realize but, with a little digging, Burton discovered his own ability to be “the ant on the rim of the glass”… And crawls right through the diner’s bathroom mirror.

The line between the awake world and the dreaming one has blurred to a point where we’re thinking everything is a swirl of both. And in these character’s lives, it might as well be. But Burton discovers an address while walking the line between realities and has found himself one step closer to rescuing the Woman in Red (Anna Wood). Something tells us she will put both Burton and Tess on the path to finding the missing boy — and unlocking the whole confusing truth behind this big Topeka conspiracy.

We’re not sure how deep it goes, but with Charlotte’s big confession that the boy is indeed Tess’s son, it’s fairly certain her mother has a bigger role in this whole mess than we previously thought.

“Falling Water” airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on USA.

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