Find Out Where and When You Can Watch Stanley Kubrick’s Elusive First

Stanley Kubrick’s debut feature will be making its worldwide TV premiere courtesy of TCM on December 14 at 8 PM. Fear and Desire was the movie Kubrick made in his ’20s, and was a project he wasn’t proud of. The director reportedly tried to destroy all copies of the film — calling it amateur and juvenile — but a print eventually surfaced. The George Eastman House underwent a laborious restoration process to bring it back to life. 

The anti-war drama revolves around a platoon engaged in battle during the Second World War. Stranded, they try to make it to safety, but are sidetracked by an encounter with a mysterious woman. Bleeding Cool shares some info about a scene where the soldiers tie her to a tree with their belts. “One of the soldiers is left alone to guard her … things escalate.” 

Kubrick shot the film with a small crew of only 15 people. Since then, the movie has been screened at Telluride in 1993 and presented elsewhere only a few times. Fear and Desire will be shown as part of a 24-hour marathon that honors the preservation department at the George Eastman House and will include screenings of Huckleberry Finn (1920), Roaring Rails (1924), Goldstein (1965), A Page of Madness (1926), Delicious (1931), and Flying Dutchman (1951).

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