First ‘Die Hard 5’ Plot Details Emerge: John McClane Goes Global

John McClane from Die HardYippie-ki-yay! Rumors have been circulating for years when it comes to Die Hard 5 – but it (finally) appears that the project is picking up steam. Our friends at Twitch managed to snag some info about John McClane’s latest adventure over the weekend and we’re passing it along to you.

According to Twitch, the fifth installment in the Die Hard series is going global – while keeping the family vibe established in the previous film, Live Free or Die Hard, intact. Reports indicate that screenwriter Skip Woods’ script is taking McClane to Russia, where he and his son will be “drawn into conflict with local forces.” Please God, do not let them cast Shia LaBeouf as John McClane’s son…

We can imagine lots of scenarios based on that logline – and most of them are good. The idea of doing another movie with one of the McClane kids involved doesn’t exactly give us the warm-fuzzies, but we’re giving Die Hard 5 the benefit of the doubt until we know A. more about the actual plot, and B. who’s playing the son.

The only real downer to this news is that while the film apparently has a story, it doesn’t have a director. Early reports had filmmaker Noam Murro taking control behind the camera, but he’s now involved with 300: Battle of Artemisia – and it seems unlikely that he can juggle both projects. Twitch sources say director John Moore now has first crack at landing the gig. Moore is best known for directing Behind Enemy Lines and the adaptation of the popular videogame Max Payne. Since Max Payne was pretty mediocre, we’re nervous about this news.

At any rate, it seems like Die Hard 5 is inching ever closer to reality – and not a moment too soon. Bruce Willis is great and all, but he’s not exactly getting any younger. Adding his son to the script feels a lot like a potential “passing of the torch” moment for the franchise. Let’s just hope that works out better than it did for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

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