‘Flight’ Unscripted: Denzel Washington And John Goodman On Flying,

If Denzel Washington’s plane crashed on a desert island, what’s the one thing he would ask for? “Another plane!” laughs the 57-year-old Oscar winner in Moviefone’s newest edition of Unscripted.

In support of his new movie “Flight,” Denzel and co-star John Goodman sat down with us to answer questions on everything from bad hairdos to phobias to their favorite Rolling Stones song.

In “Flight,” Washington plays Captain Whip Whitaker, an airline pilot who makes a drastic move and crash lands his airplane after a midair malfunction. However, after waking up in the hospital, Whitaker soon finds himself at the wrong end of an investigation, which looks to figure out what really happened aboard the flight. Goodman plays Whitaker’s ponytail-wearing friend Harling Mays, who helps Whitaker out after the traumatic experience.

You can watch the entire Unscripted session in the video above. “Flight,” starring Washington, Goodman and Don Cheadle, hits theaters everywhere this Friday.

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