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‘Frequency’s’ Daniel Bonjour: Prepare to witness the ‘rebirth of the Raimy & Dan…

After changing the timeline and accidentally causing her mother’s murder, Raimy (Peyton List) had to deal with quite a few aspects of her life drastically changing.

For one, her entire life with her mother was completely rewritten, leaving her with the same job, the same house, but not the same boyfriend. Daniel (Daniel Bonjour) had been preparing to propose in the original timeline, but now he has no clue who she is, despite continually bumping into each other.

In recent episodes, Raimy’s mission to save her mother has taken precedence over her quest to fix the timeline — but according to Bonjour, that’s about to change.

“You’re going to start seeing kind of the rebirth of the Raimy and Daniel relationship,” Bonjour says. “It’s coming at it from a different angle. If fate really is this real thing, can two people who weren’t introduced in the same manner in one timeline still manage to find each other in the next? Can they be the same people for each other, and can they even get along in the same way?”

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Bonjour makes an interesting point, wondering whether Raimy and Daniel are even the same people anymore. Presumably, a young girl being raised by her father her entire life would be wildly different from a young girl raised by her mother. We haven’t seen too drastic a personality shift in Raimy since she messed with the timeline, but one could argue that’s because she’s somehow aware of the changes.

On the flip side, who’s to say that Daniel is still the same person he was?

A thousand little variations in the timeline caused by Frank’s (Riley Smith) revival and Julie’s (Devin Kelley) death could have done some irreparable damage to Daniel as well.

Still, it sounds like these two have a connection, despite Daniel being in the dark about their erased past.

“There is this comfort level between them, even though they’re complete strangers, and I think that’s Daniel’s initial curiosity towards her,” Bonjour says. “I think Daniel is trying to take matters into his own hands as much as he can. He hates being on the opposite end of being run into by this strange person, even though she’s a pretty girl who he gets along with pretty well.”

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While Raimy and Daniel struggle to figure out what their relationship is in this new reality, we’re still on the hunt for hidden Nightingales. So far, we’ve pretty much suspected every major character of being the Nightingale Killer, and for a brief moment we entertained the possibility that it could somehow be Daniel. Bonjour had the same thought, but for now he’s dismissed it as pretty unlikely.

“I have those same thoughts too! Like, ‘Man I wonder if it turns out that somehow I’m involved in this thing,’ but the timelines wouldn’t really work out. Me, 20 years ago as an eight-year-old, wouldn’t really make too much sense, killing people,” Bonjour explains.

It’s true that Daniel most likely wouldn’t have been killing young women in 1996 as a little kid, but we’re not ruling out the possibility of him being in league with this serial killer either.

“There’s so many theories out there,” Bonjour says, “So it’s fun to kind of play along.”

“Frequency” airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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