Gladiator (Sapphire Series) [Blu-ray]

Gladiator (Sapphire Series) [Blu-ray]

Director Ridley Scott’s triumphant Gladiator is an unparalleled combination of vivid action and extraordinary storytelling that earned five Oscars® including Best Picture. The Blu-ray presentation will include both the original theatrical version of the film as well as the extended version in 1080p High Definition with English 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio, French 5.1 Dolby Digital and Spanish 5.1 Dolby Digital, as well as English, English SDH, French, Spanish and Korean subtitles. The two-disc set also will feature over four hours of bonus material.

A big-budget summer epic with money to burn and a scale worthy of its golden Hollywood predecessors, Ridley Scott’s Gladiator is a rousing, grisly, action-packed epic that takes moviemaking back to the Roman Empire via computer-generated visual effects. While not as fluid as the computer work done for, say, Titanic, it’s an impressive achievement that will leave you marveling at the glory that was Rome, when you’re not marveling at

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List Price: $ 39.99

Price: $ 16.76

5 thoughts on “Gladiator (Sapphire Series) [Blu-ray]

  1. Review by Don Dougherty for Gladiator (Sapphire Series) [Blu-ray]
    This movie has been ruined by DNR and EE. Do not support studios ruining the picture of movies through noise reduction and artificial sharpening. They think they can take the easy way out and upscale and DNR and EE the DVD version then sell it to you for $30+. IF YOU BUY THIS YOU ARE BEING SCREWED BY THESE CROOKS.

  2. Review by Cemetery Mink for Gladiator (Sapphire Series) [Blu-ray]
    I’ve just examined some of the fullsize screenshots over at AVS and this ‘blu-ray’ looks terrible.

    It uses DNR and EE throughout.

    DNR – In 2008, a lot of studios were using this process. Basically, it digitally ‘smudges’ the image to hide any evidence of film-grain and, predictably, blu-rays with DNR look like s–t. Most studios have stopped using DNR. But Paramount, apparently, is continuing to release this smudgy garbage and trying to pass it off as ‘high definition’

    (If you want the DNR experience at home; you can get the same effect by smearing vaseline all over your TV set. Yes, that’s about what it looks like)

    EE – Edge Enhancement; in DVD days, when everyone was watching on tiny televisions, studios would use EE which basically messes with the colors a bit and adds bright white halos all around the edges (‘enhances’ them) That might have made sense on a 10″ screen, but on a decent sized television it looks terrible.

    There should be a proper release of this soon. Wait for that.

  3. Review by Jay for Gladiator (Sapphire Series) [Blu-ray]
    This review refers to the blu-ray picture quality only. The movie itself is an absolute classic. Unfortunately this blu-ray was a victim of considerable DNR and EE that has actually removed and distorted picture detail. Here’s a good example. At the beginning of the movie where we see Maximus as a General leading a final battle, you see an amazing wide shot of flying, flaming, arrows. It should look amazing, right? Wrong. The picture was DNR’d so badly that it actually removed arrows and the ones you can see are a blurred mess! Absolutely terrible. Don’t waste your money on this. Wait until they release a quality blu-ray because “this is not it!”

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