‘Gossip Girl’ gives Kristen Bell face time in series finale

kristen-bell-tca-gi.jpgKristen Bell has been credited in every episode of “Gossip Girl” since the series premiered, as the disembodied voice of the eponymous blogger. Though we’ve spent nearly six years enjoying her dulcet tones (and questionable puns), we’ve never actually seen her face on screen.

Now, TVLine reports that Bell will appear in the series finale. Though Warner Bros. and The CW are keeping their lips zipped on the subject, word is she did film a cameo in the series finale, which will air December 17. The mystery remains as to whether Bell, who recently announced that she and Dax Shepard are expecting their first child, will play Gossip Girl herself.

We will find out who Gossip Girl is in the final episode, of course, and after what seems like endless speculation, it’s about time. But would it be a disappointment to learn that it’s Bell’s character, as opposed to, say, one of the Upper East Siders we’ve grown to know and love (and sometimes hate, and then love again)?

Weigh in below in the comments section. Do you hope Bell turns out to be Gossip Girl?

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images

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