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‘Gotham’: Cameron Monaghan already has big ideas for Jerome’s return

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Just like that, “Gotham” has seen the last of Jerome (Cameron Monaghan) for Season 3 — but based on his exit, it’s easy to see this isn’t his last time causing trouble.

Jerome’s resurrection was perhaps one of the most important moments in the history of “Gotham,” as it set Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) on the path to developing his Batman persona and the rules that come with it. It also further set up Jerome to become the Joker of this world, between the physical and mental changes he has gone through.

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And if Monaghan has it his way, this is just the beginning. Speaking to Screener about what he’d like to do with Jerome next, the actor says, “I think there’s so much more than we can do with it. I’m not exactly sure what their plans are yet, in specifics. I’d love if we could keep developing him. It’s been great how we’ve been able to see the character actually come into his own and actually transition in personality, and to physically transform in the same way.”

Losing his face and having it reattached has left Jerome with some very serious scars — ones that could easily be covered in, say, clown makeup — but Monaghan wants to take the look even more extreme the next time he appears on “Gotham.”

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“If we can keep pushing the physical transformation, I think there’s fun stuff that we can do with that — and I have some ideas myself,” he teases. “I don’t know for sure what they’re thinking, but I want to get on the same page with them before I start saying anything.”

Based on how his first three stints on the show have gone, we are comfortable with whatever Monaghan and the show’s producers have in mind for Jerome’s next evolution — and we can’t wait until he finally starts painting his face.

“Gotham” airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on FOX.

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