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‘Gotham’s’ new power couple is a maniacal trio


With Oswald Cobblepot (Robin Lord Taylor) poised to reign over “Gotham” as mayor, he’s not the only one relishing in the new power. After all, a mayor is only as good as the people he surrounds himself with, right?

For Oswald, that means the two only real friends he has in the world are Butch (Drew Powell) and Ed (Cory Michael Smith). While viewers have seen Penguin interact with both, them all working together is an entirely different story and it’s one that’s going to be fascinating to watch.

“There’s this interesting triangle — not love triangle — of Nygma, Penguin and Butch,” Powell says. “There’s a really interesting power play happening. I think the big thing for Butch is he’s loyal. Whereas Ed is conniving, Butch is loyal.”

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Nygma sees things a bit different, of course.

“I know what makes him angry. Where his loyalties are. I know he doesn’t trust people very easily so if you want him to believe something, he has to see it or experience it,” Smith says. “I’m able to facilitate his needs and his wants in a way Butch has never figured out because Butch is a giant gorilla.”

“I’m kind of the brains of the operation here,” Smith teases further. “He’s executing and Butch is getting whipped.”

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Those different ideas are going to lead to a very interesting situation for this power trio. “Penguin and Butch work. First it was through mind control, but this season you find there is a sympatico there. With Nygma, it is absolutely oil and water.”

With his closest allies unable to get along, that’s going to put Penguin in a difficult position. If your team can’t coexist, how do you consolidate power?

If you ask Smith, that consolidation is up to Ed.

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“I understand how Oswald functions so that is helpful in trying to promote his well-being and his rise,” the actor explains. “This is not someone who’s told what to do. This is someone who makes things happen for Oswald or on behalf of Oswald.”

Then, of course, there’s the “giant gorilla” that is Butch there to take a more physical role when needed. “Butch is no dummy,” Powell says. “He knows how to survive.”

“Gotham” airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on FOX.

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