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‘Hap and Leonard’ exclusive: A disturbing discovery reveals the town’s deep dark sec…

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Hap Collins (James Purefoy) and Leonard Pine (Michael Kenneth Williams) have made their fair share of horrific discoveries throughout Season 2 of “Hap and Leonard.” But as the “Mucho Mojo” finale inches closer, our heroes are about to come face-to-face with the town’s possible killer: TJ (Kelvin Brown).

The exclusive clip from Wednesday’s (April 12) episode above gives us the biggest (and most disturbing) piece of the puzzle yet: Our heroes find themselves back where the Old Hope Church once stood — and they’re not alone. Is it possible that Reverend Fitzgerald’s (Dohn Norwood) mentally disabled brother is the one behind all the missing boys? Things aren’t looking good for TJ, that’s for sure.

Not only is the man parked near the crypt full of human remains that Hap and Leonard discovered last week, it looks like young Ivan (Olaniyan Thurman) is in the backseat. “I’m making angels, Hap,” TJ gleefully exclaims. But when Leonard inquires about Ivan, the answer sends a chill down our heroes’ spines: “He’s in the car. I made him go to sleep. He’s going to be in heaven real soon.”

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When TJ was first introduced, it seemed as if there wasn’t a violent bone in the man’s body. Helping MeeMaw (Irma P. Hall) around the house and painting ceramic angels in his spare time doesn’t really place him on any criminal radar. But it seems now that his angel obsession extends far beyond the normal arts & crafts variety — and Ivan could very well be the newest addition to the collection of bodies under their feet.

We’re still holding onto hope that TJ is innocent in all of this. Maybe this is one big misunderstanding. But if he is guilty of murdering all those boys, he’s not working alone: The clip ends with the familiar click-chack sound of a shotgun being primed — a second mystery guest has joined the scene. Could it be Reverend Fitzgerald, Sheriff Valentine (Brian Dennehy)… Or someone else entirely?

With just two episodes remaining, it looks like Hap and Leonard are about to reach the bottom of one very disturbing rabbit hole — and the answers they find will change this East Texas community forever.

“Hap and Leonard: Mucho Mojo” airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on SundanceTV.

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