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Here's Why the Internet Thinks Audience Member Kenneth Bone Won the Presidential Debate

If you ask the Internet, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump may not have been the true stars Sunday night.

During the second presidential debate, a select few audience members were given the chance to ask calm, cool and collective questions to the candidates.

But out all of the eligible voters, a man named Kenneth Bone turned the Internet upside down without even trying.

As soon as the “uncommitted voter” began asking his question about energy needs and the environment, viewers were reminded of the toy collector from Toy Story 2.

“Ken Bone IMMEDIATELY contacted after #debate to star in a live-action remake of Toy Story 2,” one Twitter user wrote.

Shortly after the debate was over, Kenneth received a  Twitter and Facebook fan page, T-shirts were being sold with the text “Welcome to the Bone Zone” and a Halloween costume was born.

But perhaps it’s what Ken did when cameras stopped rolling that will have you smiling from ear to ear. 

After the moderators officially proclaimed the debate over, viewers spotted the voter taking pictures of the stage with a disposable camera. Remember those precious gems? 

And no, we cannot confirm if his role of film he will soon develop at the local drug store will include the moment he met former President Bill Clinton.

Welcome to the power of the Internet, Kenneth. Aren’t you glad Anderson Cooper, Martha Raddatz and Gallup picked your question?

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