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How long can ‘Incorporated’s’ love story stay secret?

We already knew that Aaron’s (Sean Teale) mission to find Elena (Denyse Tontz) — the girl from his Red Zone past — would be difficult and dangerous. Wednesday’s (Dec. 14) episode of “Incorporated,” however, sheds a bit more light on their backstory while displaying the corrosive power of this future world’s version of an educational system.

While it’s clear that Aaron has a leg up on the competition to get that highly sought after promotion, he has yet to flinch from his overall plan to find Elena and free her from the sex trade. A glimpse at their reunion six years prior to his infiltration of Spiga shows two teenagers struggling to find their way in a torn apart world.

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Climate devastation and corporate ownership over global resources have an effect on everything and for Elena, that means there’s even more pressure to pursue a better education and succeed in the privileged world — where her family hasn’t. Getting Straight A’s is one thing, though. In the year 2068, a new type of classroom environment finds its students hyperlinking information from a computer directly into her body. And if you think that’s a bad idea, you’d be right.

We don’t quite know how many seizures she suffered at the hand of the variety of lessons she’s been learning in that horrible looking school, but from the tremors Aaron glimpses in her arm, it’s probably a lot. Yet, it’s also their time together here that helps to add emotional relevance behind his plan to rescue her.

syfy incorporated 103 dennis haysbert spiga How long can Incorporateds love story stay secret?

Flash forward six years and there’s a threat to the plan which finds one of the girls within her group dead. Thankfully, Aaron finds out that Elena wasn’t the one who met her demise, yet through the ring recovered from the deceased girl’s belongings, a video message transmission states that, when her contract expires, she too will get “NDA’d.” Or, in other words, her mind is gonna get wiped, yo!

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Of course, this puts a fire under the butts of Aaron and her brother Theo (Eddie Ramos) to find her before that happens. The only obstacle? Roger Caplan (Douglas Nyback) has cracked Aaron’s missing device — you know, the one with Elena’s info on it. And not for nothing, but this guy’s hunger for that Spiga promotion is something fierce. Seriously, the work he put in to gain access to the tech requires some applause — Dude ate a rat, you guys.

But while Roger here ate a rat to get a leg up on the competition, we have a feeling Aaron would kill to find his lost love. Which leads to the question: How long will his true identity and secret romance stay hidden? And once it is revealed, then what? Here’s hoping there’s a Plan B… And maybe C, you know, just in case.

“Incorporated” airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Syfy.

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